Sunday, January 02, 2011

I Bought This Sweater When I Was Ten

-I no longer have the bright blue corduroys to go with it, but that's probably all for the best. My sister had the same sweater, but I would guess (hope) she doesn't still have it. The cords were fantastic though, I hope she held onto those.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did wear this sweater out today. In public...I mean, it was Wahoo, but still-that's public. It counts. I wore it to the dollar store to buy Ibuprofen. Wahoo is a little like being stuck in the 70's (and not the good part of the decade) so I don't really think anyone noticed.
The knit is so simple, but I really think it worked well with the weight of the yarn. As the sweater has aged, it matted a bit, which is nicer than it was, and the yarn has less sheen to it, which I also think worked favourably for it.

How many people can still go about wearing clothes they wore in grade four? I guess I'd better take care of it-Danny already has plans to wear it as well.

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