Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Excuses

Hear, hear!

What's more, the excuse doesn't really work in the Midwest in general. It snows here in the winter. Unless you live in Western Mass. today because frankly, you're so screwed. But everyone else-no excuses.

I have to admit shock that school was canceled for two days in Lincoln, and Omaha because of a few inches of snow. A Few inches of snow. Picture me rolling my eyes. I used to get up at 5 AM to dig my car out and get to work by 8. I kept a shovel and kitty litter in the trunk of the car. Just last evening, I had to explain the concept of a butane lighter to Mr. ETB for dealing with frozen doors and locks on the car (he tried the old, "Let's kick the door and see if it opens", which it didn't, but succeeded in breaking the handle instead). We live in a cold climate. Geez, you know people live in even colder, snowier places than Chicago, and Omaha. I swear, that's true. There's this country to our north called, Canada. You don't see Canadians canceling school for 3 inches of snow, or because the mercury drops into negative digits.

Now, if you would-Get Offa My Lawn!


Jenn said...

Wow. They don't cancel school here *ever*, and ours is a very rural school. Lucky Mary and Frances, we live a block and a half away from school, so unless the place burns down, they're out of luck. The busses do stop running during blizzards or when the weather dips below -40 centigrade, so the farm and out of town kids are a bit luckier in that respect.

Goody said...

I suppose in cities where children could get hit by ploughs that didn't see them walking to school, it might pose a threat, but I think these school administrators have lost their minds.