Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conversations With My Son, Aged Six

In the kitchen:

Danny: You have to make Mille-Feuilles this week.
Me: I do?
Danny: Yes, you promised.
Me: I don't know, I'd need puff paste and....
Danny: So make some puff paste, it isn't like you don't know how.

In the car:

Danny: I don't understand this song. What is it called?
Me: The Man on the Silver Mountain.
Danny: I don't think I like it.
Me: Can you sing like Ronnie James Dio?
Danny: No...
Me: Then shut up.

Danny on dictionaries:

Danny: I don't like this dictionary.
Me: Why?
Danny: It doesn't have thumb-tabs. That's just wrong. When I'm dictator of the world all dictionaries will have thumb tabs. I don't have all day to look things up.


Raymond said...

Uh-oh. Danny doesn't like Ronnie James Dio? Houston, we have a problem. Dio is my #1 dream singer to sound like. Well, maybe also Lou Rawls. But still. mm-mm. Terrible news.

Goody said...

Could you belt out a few lines of, Holy Diver" for us?

Raymond said...

No, I can't. Because I haven't sold my soul to sound like Dio. (Or Lou Rawls.) I've offered this transaction many times, but I guess my soul is worthless because I've never been made an offer.

Goody said...

There has to be a joke, or a sitcom in this-an atheist wants to sell his soul to sound like a devil-worshiping meatal singer with a name that means "god" in Latin-and no one wants his soul. I mean, that really ought to be a sitcom.

Goody said...

Not sure how we work Lou Rawls into that, but I'll work on it.

Raymond said...

Hm! You're quite right. I hadn't put it all together. We can add some lines about being a complete loser: I can't even sell my soul to become something because as an atheist there are no deities available to me.