Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sounds Like More Fun Than It Is

 Just like every other shag you've ever had...but with a twist!
Thought I'd momentarily lost my way and ended up at the sex shop instead of the grocer. I t has a place to stick your soap as well. I'll just leave it at that.

Moving along...

How about some yellow flares? Yeah, I thought you'd like those. How could you not love a pair of 70's bright yellow flares from Sears? The only thing that could make them better would be a matching jacket with crazy wide lapels...
Yes! Yes! Yes! (That's the suit talking, not the Shower Shag). But it wasn't really a bright yellow suit kind of day, so I stuck to an oversized gauzy shirt...
Yeah, that's how you wear yellow flares on a warm day.
I like these because they make my behind look almost miniscule (it isn't) and I feel strangely taller (I'm not).
 White necklace on a white shirt? Why not? Summertime is short-make the best of it.

We hit several thrifts today, and I found my share of hideous 70's polyester maxi's. Lots and lots of Indian clothing as well (I'm a sucker for beautiful sari silks). Danny found more Homco for the walls (bless his heart) and eventually we made our way to the grocer where I had a bit of an angry old lady moment. You would have too. After nicely asking the young girl packing the groceries not to throw tins on the delicate fruit, she continued to do so. I looked in the sacks before leaving, wheeled over to the service desk and flagged down the store manager.

I have worked in a supermarket. I have been young. I know young people don't pay for groceries and have no concept of what it takes to feed a family. This wasn't the first time, in fact week after week I arrive home to find the produce I spent time selecting damaged before I can unpack it. For the most part, I shop at Aldi as the produce is nicer, less expensive and I can pack it myself avoiding today's aggravation. I don't want to see anyone lose a job, but these kids who come in for the summer and are gone aren't working to support themselves-they're working to buy apps. I have no idea if it will do any good, or if they will start training these kids not to abuse the produce, but I couldn't hold it in another second. I didn't spend time picking out nice produce to have it smashed. Does this upset you as much as it does I, or am I just behaving like a fussy old woman?

And you damn kids can get off my lawn too!
Outfit Particulars:
1970's Sears Suit-New Life Thrift
Sarah Coventry white necklace-long gone antique mall
White gauze blouse-K Mart
White Sandals-K Mart
Earrings-K Mart
Handbag-New Life Thrift
Is it almost Friday?


Roseclouds said...

The same thing just happened to me! A new kid was bagging our stuff after they had to call him to the front twice. He was jamming a box of cans into a tiny space between other things and I really thought I was going to scream from watching this. I was already bothered by this and when we got home I noticed that a carton of broth was almost ripped open because of this can incident. I called the manager (which I have never done) and told them that "Ryan" needed to go through bagging lessons again. I felt like such a crotchety old lady afterwards but everything was put in the bags wrong as well. My husband just laughed at me. PMS was rearing it's ugly head that day!

Sue said...

This outfit rules, you look awesome in yellow and white! I do like clothes that make bums look smaller and legs longer, I must find some!!

pastcaring said...

Love yellow and white, and love the flares!
A shaggie with a twist? The mind boggles...
I would have complained about the poor packing too - you've paid for that produce, you don't want it ruined by some ignorant arse of a kid! xxx

Autumn said...

Yellow does suit you. (heh)

Grocery shopping is where my OCD rears its ugly head. I bring my own reusable bags, and put them on the conveyor first. Then I group like items together. Produce first, then meats, then refrigerated goods, then pantry items, and lastly non-food items. I will ask the bagger one time before I will intervene and move stuff back into the order I placed it to begin with. Luckily we market at the same place every week and they know me now. If we happen to stop in for one or two things after work during the week, they will ask for my reusable if I have forgotten to give it to them. Small towns are nice sometimes.

Jessica Cangiano said...

White on white is grippingly, gorgeously chic and suits August incredibly well. I may just have to put my one and only white necklace to work against a white blouse or shirt, too. Thank you for the sartorial inspiration, dear Goody, I always garner some from your creative, fantastic outfits.

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

@ Autumn,

That's not OCD, that's good sense! I mean, of course the cold stuff goes together, that way you can bring those in first. Sigh, we're living Idiocracy. You know it is true.