Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Stop Hatin' on the Buttons

I've been a bit harsh on the buttons of late. Sure, I adore pearl snaps, and a toggle front closure will always make my heart skip a beat-but some buttons deserve love. Case in point-the gigantic buttons down the front of this skirt.
Now that's a button I can manage with arthritis-not those silly, itty-bitty things affixed to impossible places like the band of a short sleeve (I mean, why? WHY?!). This is a button that means business. This is a button that says, "Don't bother me, I'm busy holding this fucking skirt shut." Yes friends, this button has an attitude-a bad one at that, and is my kind of button.
The only thing I like better than huge buttons is a huge hair flower glued to a clip. It took all of five seconds to style my hair this morning. The *best* $2.50 I ever spent on my hair.
Looking as fetching as this, and heading to the grocery store on, "Senior Discount Day" I knew I'd better bring a heavy framed handbag to protect myself from any dirty old men out to explore my butt (ons). One well-aimed swing with this vinyl and tapestry nutcracker, and Gramps won't be bothering my buttons again. They think they can get away with anything because they're 90 years old and hepped-up on Viagra. Someday, I hope to get leered at my someone under 90.

Outfit Particulars:

1950's (maybe 60's) cotton skirt-Can't remember, have had it since High School
Top-K Mart
Belt-K Mart (I think) ages ago
Earrings-? Can't remember
Necklaces-Thrifted large medallion, other one was Mum's
Bracelets-Thrifted here and there
Hair Flower-Walgreen's

So what about you? Oversized button fan, or a nuisance to move the iron around?


Helga said...

O my fecking GAWD, that HANDBAG!!! Heavenly! I like hard framed handbags as weapons too.
Buttons?! I used to have a weird phobia about them, but now I'm quite fond of them. As to oversized buttons-it's a mood thing! Right this second, not into them....but tomorrow I will probably want them on EVERYTHING!

Bibi said...

Only tiny buttons have been hip'n'happening since forever here on the Asian subcontinent. Not sure why, you'd think the Mughals would have adored a gargantuan ruby encrusted 'fastener' of some sort on their sherwanis.In fact the buttons are so tiny on my Indian kurtis & rehangs they are usually faux & cloth covered.
Hair flowers & bows on clips are marvelous things- they make it look like I actually have hair under my tichel or hijab!
The purse & chandelier earrings are fantastic, I'm also liking what looks to be an Indian block print bedspread under the purse?

pastcaring said...

Buttons=good. You know what I really like? A fabric-covered buttons. They delight me, to a ridiculous degree! Big fuck-off buttons are cool too, as is your Dirty Old Man-repelling handbag. I have as much of a thing for vinyl/tapestry bags as I do for fabric-covered buttons, so I am looking longingly at that beauty.
Buttons with a bad attitude, handbags as weaponry, and massive hair flowers - you're my kind of gal! xxx

Asparagus Pea said...

I have a friend with button phobia - those babies would have him cowering under the sofa. He particularly dislikes buttons lying round the house not attached to anything, which he refers to as 'wild buttons'. Bernice x

Goody said...

The fabric is actually a few yards of waterproof indoor/outdoor fabric I bought at Hancock. I use these for tablecloths, picnics, etc. When Danny was little, and would spill something it was helpful to have a fabric that just causes liquid to bead up. Now that he's (mostly) past that stage, I find I still like the convenience of it. I think it looks nicer than those wipe-clean vinyl cloths (and this can be laundered).

Joanna said...

I love this handbag, please don't bash anyone with the handbag, I'd hate to see a scratch on this lovely:)

Goody said...


I wouldn't need to if we'd stop providing ED drugs to pensioners :)

I think the strangest comment I ever got was the old man that wanted me to sit on his lap...wait for he could, "Watch you jiggle."

Wish I'd had the purse with me that day...