Friday, August 10, 2012

Cornball Jokes For Your Weekend

Q: How did the cowboy know his pony was getting sick?
A: He was a little horse.

Q: Do you grow hydroponics?
A: No, because it doesn't matter where you hide your ponics-they're gonna find your ponics.

Q: Are you going to watch the meteor shower tonight?
A: No, they look clean enough to me.

Q: Why did the cow go see a shrink?
A: It had a fodder complex.

Clean or not, tonight and tomorrow are the peak of the meteor shower, and you should go have a look if you can. We spent some time at the Lancaster County Fair today (Yes, another county fair-I like that sort of thing) and we saw duck races. That was pretty cool, but tomorrow we're headed to Morse Bluff, Nebraska to watch the "Bohemian Boat Race" which is essentially a bathtub on wheels being raced. If you can get there, you should "Czech it out." There will probably be kolaches.

I baked a killer rye bread this week (better than my blue ribbon) with beer and buttermilk-so someone remind me to get that posted at some point, OK?

Happy Weekend.

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