Saturday, December 29, 2012

Danny's Birthday

 The cookies are iced butter cookies and the details are printed with edible marking pens. Great product-I am so happy I didn't need to pipe on the details with royal icing.

The cakes are gold butter cakes that are quite durable as they are baked with butter and egg yolks. Imagine a really sturdy sponge. I like the way it cuts cleanly into shapes when chilled. The cakes were baked in pullman loaves, then trimmed to look like the hotel and house from Monopoly. Funny, after the power was out, stay in a hotel was just what we did. These photos were from the first full day of the blackout, and the light was kinda crappy. Still, cake fro breakfast is cake for breakfast, and Danny seemed to enjoy his Birthday, taking the severe weather in good spirits. Cake for breakfast, 'ya know?

That sweater used to be mine, as was the hat. I thought they don't start raising your clothes until the teenaged years.
 This photo was taken before the blackout-while playing outside in the early part of the storm was still fun. It grew old rather quickly. We still have an unfinished snowman under a plastic bucket in the yard. I don't think it will be going anywhere soon. Damn, with all the mild weather of late, I'd forgotten how cold a Midwestern winter can be. Hey, that's another of my hats! I need to have a talk with this kid.
I ended up re-making the cakes at Christmas, as Danny felt sort of cheated having only eaten a couple slices. We still have most of it, but I'm glad I was able to do it. Baking a good cake once is luck-reproducing it exactly...maybe I ought to go buy a lottery ticket.

So better late than never, this was Danny's 8th birthday in the big storm/blackout of 2012.

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