Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost Fair Time

Both the Lancaster County Super Fair, and Sarpy County Fair are this weekend. I like to attend as many fairs as possible over the summer. The Douglas County Fair (our new county) and the State Fair both  come late, so we still have a bit of time for Danny to perfect his mixed, pickled mushroom recipe. So far, what we've tried has been exceptional. I think he has a winner, but you know my kid-perfectionist. He wants that Best of Division ribbon in the worst way.

I am planning to enter a bread. The State Fair is 150 miles away in Grand Island, though there is a drop-off in Lincoln. I need something that can withstand that journey, and still be baked a day ahead. That rules out most artisan (god, I hate that term) style breads. I may just enter my buttermilk white bread. I make killer buttermilk white bread. That seems like State Fair material anyway. You can't get too exotic on these judges. If anyone has a favourite recipe from the blog that you think has ribbon potential at a fair, please feel free to suggest it. I've been doing this blog so long now, I've forgotten half the things I've baked.

A strange thing has happened with my sourdough starter since moving. I know it sounds impossible in such a short time, but everyone insists it tastes different. Not better or worse, just different. Mr. ETB thinks it tastes more like a San Francisco sourdough. Danny thinks it has a more pronounced sour flavor. We always bought bottled water (refills, mostly) on trips to the city as our well wasn't good to drink, so the starter is getting the same water, more or less. It has to be something different in the air, but hell if I know what it is. I'm not shocked this is happening, but I never expected it to be so quick.

Anyone have experience with moving a sourdough starter to another city?

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