Friday, July 05, 2013

No-Bake Soybutter Bars

The recipe comes from I cannot seem to get Blogger to do a link today, but then it has been that kind of day, but please, go over there, and have a look at all the wonderful recipes, and type "No bake peanut butter bars" into the site search engine. Oh, just stop making faces and do it. )  It worked perfectly with soybutter, and allergy-safe chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand). I like to have a dessert made on Friday to see us through the weekend, but with moving, most of my baking materials are packed already. Enter, a bowl, and a microwave. I only had one bowl available, so I melted the chips in a measuring cup. Sometimes you have to improvise.

I ruined an entire bolt of fabric today attempting to make slipcovers for the dining room chairs, and just because it wasn't working...well, that seemed like a good reason to keep cutting! Yeah.  dunno, this really shouldn't be a priority at the moment, but you know how disruption of a routine can send a person to some odd lengths (actually, the odd lengths were kind of the problem...). I'm sure the new neighbours won't be standing and looking as the movers bring in my dining room chairs and whispering, "Oh she should have made new slipcovers before the move." If ever a day screamed out for comfort here we are with the nut-free peanut bars.

I have baked beans, and a salad for dinner, which admittedly ain't much to write home about, but I'm going to hope that is quickly forgotten when they sink their teeth into the taste of school dinners circa 1973. Oh, how I wish I had a tin of Chef Boyardee right now.

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