Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Free Money

Mr. Moose-Tree got a fab Winter makeover complete with snowflakes, poinsettia, and a snowman. The owl over my shoulder got a Santa Cap. Why buy new decorations when you can simply change their wardrobe?

At the post today, the clerk asked if I needed, "Christmas stamps" but Danny heard it as, "Christmas cash."
"You're giving out free money?! I LOVE the post office!"

It got a good laugh from everyone in line, but he was disappointed to discover they weren't handing out cash.

I wore my fuchsia coat for the first time today. This sucker is WARM! I must have pulled it on and off half a dozen times going from freezing to sweltering. I'm glad to have something heavy, but I might have jumped the gun wearing it today-this is the sort of thing you wear in the dead of February. As though the Universe was reading my mind, I found a 1940's swing coat at Hand-Me-Ups today. It is lighter weight, so that will be my early winter coat. 
 I didn't buy this massive paper maiche head. I thought about it (they were even willing to cut me a deal just to get rid of it) but I resisted, much to Danny's relief. I might have threatened to house it in his bedroom. 

Outfit Particulars:
1970's Lurex skirt (pre-'76 by the Union label)-Fairytale Costumes
Pullover-K Mart
Vintage glass bead necklace-An antique store in Massachusetts years ago
Crystal earrings-Hand-me-Ups
Mexican silver bracelet-Goodwill
Brooch-Sequels thrift store
Coat-Fairytale Costumes
Porcelain tree brooch on coat-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Reformulated Jicky 
In an effort to get everything out of the way before the oral surgery tomorrow, I went grocery shopping, stopped at Hobby Lobby for candy and cookie boxes, and bought fabric paint and a black long sleeved tee shirt to make Danny a shirt for Christmas. Each Sunday, he stops at Bronco's Burgers to play the old Centipede arcade game. He's good enough now that he can play a long time without feeding the machine much money. I thought he needed a shirt with the Centipede/Atari logo on a black background like the screen. I bought some neon fabric paint that should look good against the dark shirt. On the back, I'm going to write, "Worm Hunter". I can't wait to see the look on people's faces as they pass by him hunched over the game. That ought to be good for a few laughs. Some people go to church on Sunday...we play Centipede at the church of Bronco Burgers. Hallelujah! 

I'll bet Patti Smith could get free money at the post. 


Sue said...

Good luck with your oral surgery!! Now why didn't you buy the head? It's bloody fabulous! I knew that pink coat would look amazing on you, the colour suits you.

Beth Waltz said...

The coat does not disappoint! It's chic with your Parisian skirt and top combo, but it would be equally attractive with a dressier outfit, perhaps black velour slacks with a snug vest over a white or pink satin shirt.

I'm enchanted with the bow brooch. Last year I finally discovered more-or-less matching screw back earrings to match an ancient Trifari bow from my mum's jewelery box. This is my non-Christmas holiday accessory set for the floofy white sweater. Bows = gifts, n'est-ce pas?

Goody said...


I could buy it and ship it to you (she's quite light despite her size). Lately, I've been happy just photographing things that catch my eye. I suppose I should have been concerned that the women at the shop know me so well they figured I might actually lug that home with me!

The coat shrunk ever so slightly in the wash, but after a couple hours of wear, it stretched right back out. Thankfully, it doesn't throw off much lint, so it really would work with velour.

How cool you were able to get the earrings together as a set with the brooch. Trifari made SUCH nice stuff (as the kids say, OMG!). I have some pieces that I really had to look at carefully to determine they weren't real before spotting the markings. Monet was nice, but Trifari had better designers. I think bows can be season-less because you get gifts year-round (or you should, in a perfect world).

Bibi Maizoon said...

That head looks like someone decapitated a giant matryoshka doll. Has ISIS reached Moscow? I wouldn't know as the news channels have been blocked by the Nepali gov't for 3 days. I suppose I could listen to the BBC radio broadcast on my iMac for my daily dose of propaganda.

I'm for anything fuschia, that's my signature color after black (of course). Speaking of black, that lurex skirt ensemble is DIVINE with the accessories you've paired it with.

My cooking blog is UP! I don't know how Beth found it, but thank you for visiting & commenting on my blog. Ms Waltz.
It is at calmlycookingcurry@blogspot.com

Beth, I cannot see depth either due to my extreme nearsightedness. Having my eyes overcorrected with contact lenses to near superhuman vision only worsened the lack of depth perception. I had a hell of a time picturing 3D graphs & could not even understand the concept until an university undergraduate professor showed me a physical model. Then estimating points on a graph using variables made sense to me & I breezed through 2 yrs of calculus. I had a similar problem in organic chemistry, but making physical models out of mini marshmallows for the atoms & using toothpicks for bonds that I could actually hold & turn around solved that too.

Goody said...


Your blog looks great (I put a link in the sidebar) and I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have.

OK, why did I buy my kid a molecule set when I could have had him use marshmallows?

Mim said...

I love your outfit there, it's so chic.

I was thinking this morning that you must be about ready for your surgery. Good luck with it, and I hope everything goes well for you.

Curtise said...

That lurex skirt is fantastic - I'm a wee bit envious. And Beth's right, the coat with its lovely colour and texture does look very chic against the black and silver and pearls. Ooh la la, Ms Juniper!
That head is bonkers - I love it!
Free money? Yes please - I'm getting tired of having to earn it... xxx

Goody said...

Thank you-I almost never feel chic. I feel frumpy, like I slept in my clothes...for a few nights. I'm glad I don't look it.

You are the queen of lurex fashion, and NO ONE wears it as glam as you do.