Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pre-Storm Anxieties

I guess Mother Nature is mighty annoyed with us. Tornadoes, floods, wildfires, drought, snowstorms-the whole planet seems to be experiencing the very worst possible. We're under severe blizzard warnings tonight into Monday evening and from the looks of things, it is going to be a bad one. I admit, it seems less worrisome in the city than it did out on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully, if we do lose power it won't be for days at a time (I don't think city-dwellers would put up with that). We have food, bottled water, batteries, and an entire bookcase filled with board games. We'll survive. I'll take it over flooding or tornadoes. I saw a photo of Leeds this morning-that has to be terrifying.

The last storm caught us off guard; this one we're being warned about around-the-clock. I'm not sure what's worse. Worrying isn't useful, but I do it anyway. After the snow comes the deep freeze. I'm not really bothered by cold, but the sort of stuff we're expecting would make anyone run indoors (OK, maybe not Canadians, but the rest of us mere mortals find sub-zero temperatures hard to manage). I hope we don't have burst water-mains and pipes all over the city. Sounds like the fashionable New Year's Eve revilers will be wearing long underwear and parkas in Omaha. We'll be toasting the new year with warm mulled wine instead of chilled champagne!

As I'm still halfway in a cheese-induced Christmas coma, why don't I do a picture-heavy post of some recent outfits and sightings about town, and you won't have to listen to me blather-on about things that would only be interesting if you were really, really, drunk-and maybe not even then.

OK, strangeness first, then clothes.

 Someone is having too much fun at work. I saw this in Iowa (of course).
 Just for the record, Band-Aids do NOT make a "Great Stocking Stuffer!" No, they do not. Geez. What's more, $1.99 is not a good sale price, whether festooned with Disney princess, or not. If Santa is leaving me wound-care for Christmas, he'd best be leaving something to self-medicate with as well.

Speaking of gifts to self-medicate...

Plants and floral arrangements are always welcome at the holidays, particularly when they have mini bottles of booze on them. Money might not grow on trees, but blended whisky does grow on plants, apparently.  
Nothing say, "Thinking of you" like a whisky plant! Nice cattails though.

I could use something...medicinal. I caught the same flu-ish thing the boys had earlier, but I have a much milder version of it. So far. 

This has been representative of my loafin' attire of late. Brushed flannel nightie, quilted nylon vintage robe, and I'm ready for the hard work of sitting on the sofa watching television.

Vintage 70's robe, made in Crown Colony of Hong Kong-Goodwill
Nightie by Vanity Fair-Can't remember, quite old
Fragrance for loafin' on the sofa-Jicky
On my footsies-hand-knit alpaca socks from the local wool co-op. Miles better than slippers.

Danny has claimed one of my more colourful 70's acrylic sweaters. Also suitable for wearing to do nothing. He's been doing plenty of that over this break.

 I had mentioned liking this 1950's crewel work coat when I spotted it online. I didn't think the boys would go ahead and surprise me with it for Christmas. It is even prettier in person.

You'll likely see a lot of this jacket as I intend to wear it at every opportunity. It is just about the prettiest thing I've ever owned. 

The also bought me a book I'd tried requesting the library purchase. They claimed it was, "Of too narrow an interest" which I grumbled about to Mr. ETB. Little did I suspect he'd go the the V&A Website and buy it. We're not the sort of people that buy new books, so that was a splurge that really was a surprise.  London-Society-Fashion-1905-1925 The Wardrobe of Heather Firbank is not a book I'd have purchased for myself, so it was the perfect Christmas present. I'm enjoying it immensely. 

Danny was pleased with his gigantic bottle of Shalimar Souffle (A flanker that smells nothing like the namesake). It hasn't been a great seller, so I was concerned it might be discontinued. As he adores it (heavy on the vanilla/tonka bean) I bought him the 3 ounce size. That ought to keep him happy (and smelling nice) for a while. 

Mr. ETB had expressed an interest in a bottle of (I'm not kidding) Hai Karate. Mercifully, it was long-ago discontinued and there was no way on God's green earth I was forking over $75.00 for a half-full bottle of what was disgusting cologne in the 70's. I'll keep looking for a bottle for him, but hopefully, I won't find it. I bought him some nice pajamas instead (Thanks, Propagatrix for the Land's End suggestion for tall shirts. Turns out they do tall sized sleep wear as well). And the Clapper. And booze. In other words, a fine holiday was had by all. Santa left Danny some headphones too, which makes all of us very, very, happy. Very. 

Still, I'm kinda bummed no one bought me Band Aids. I hear they make great stocking stuffers. 

Outfit Particulars:
1950's wool crewel-work
Black polo neck-Target (I think)
Black Components maxi skirt-Filene's early 90's
Fragrance-Vintage Cabochard

Outfit Particulars:
Cashmere polo neck-Marshall Field's Country Shop, 1980's
1970's polyester skirt-Goodwill
Tencel hand-woven scarf-Fibre Arts Show
Coat-New Life Thrift
1950's Sarah Coventry crane brooch (on coat) Hand-Me-Ups
1960's enamel earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Furry headband-K Mart
Orange stockings-Walgreen's
Vinyl 1970's handbag-Goodwill

We did finally get the clapper working...but you really need to clap hard. That might just be more work than getting up to turn off the light. 

Stay safe in you're in the path of nature's wrath, and even if you're not. If I'm missing for a bit it means we lost power. 


Radostin said...

Aww, that's so lovely that your Christmas presents were things for which you had shared your admiration, with no thought of acquisition. It is so good to be listened to. And what lovely choices, too!

Bibi Maizoon said...

That lovely chain stitched crewel work jacket is a Kashmiri design. We have several in various color schemes on handloomed silk or wool fabric in our shops.

That tencel woven scarf is divine, I don't even like blue but I love what you've paired it with.

We had another M4.2 aftershock around 11AM. Weather's gorgeous though a bit nippy at 60F. I'm surprised with all this bouncing around we're still having on a daily basis we haven't had more avalanches, landslides, glacial lake overflows, or deaths by rocks falling in general. We are down to 6 hrs of random electricity daily though, I don't know why they even bother publicizing a 'load shedding' schedule.

I bought my nephew a bottle of Jovan Sex Appeal for Xmas, he says it doesn't work.
Hai Karate isn't available but Jade East still is.

My dad used to keep mini bottles of whiskey stashed in various places, anywhere from the glove compartment in his truck to the magazine holder by the toilet.

Vix said...

I often drool over those Kashmiri jackets in the pricey tourist emporiums in India. It looks fantastic on you!
Love the housecoat, dying over those snazzy specs and groovy scarf, too.
That meat creature is terrifying!
The tornadoes, Texan blizzards, Aussie bush fires and British flooding are just awful. Hope that booze keeps you going until the thaw. xxx

Propagatrix said...

Ooh, peachy nylon robe. My mom had it in green.

Danny might enjoy Tokyo Milk Dark fragrances, particularly Everything, Tainted Love, and Nothing and La Vie La Mort. Sephora has sample sizes.

Propagatrix said...

Whoops. "Everything and Nothing'" "Tainted Love," and "La Vie La Mort." I are challenged today.

Connie said...

I love your quilty robe. Now that is staying home in style!!!!!!!

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, a flannel nighty and a quilted robe -- tradition! Looking forward to seeing more of the Kashmiri jacket: it's the most wearable piece of 'wearable art' I've seen, were it framed in formal black or hippie greens and pinks.

That scarf hits an unexpected high note in your symphony of blues. The spark of tangerine is exactly enough, but not too much, *tang* in a scarf that seems made to blend with the coat.

I remember Hai Karate. Perhaps Mr. ETB can be distracted with Polo, or even 4711 in a giant bottle?

Blizzards afflict me with a particularly unpleasant form of claustrophobia. Too many times circumstances have forced me to drive when roads were nearly impassable, but I managed by being fit and able to climb out of ditches and shovel out wheels. Now I rely on AAA and dumb luck. Stay inside if you can!

Goody said...

I was completely shocked anyone was paying attention as they never seem to hear things like, "Pick up your shit." It was really very nice of them because I would have been just as happy with a card and cup of coffee.

Oh, I remember Sex Appeal! Well, maybe he needs a time machine to go with it (and white Levis, and a printed polyester shirt) so he can try his luck wearing it to a disco.

The seller said it was a Tree of Life design, but I suspect that might be a default seller-description for anything with birds and trees. You likely have a better knowledge than she did-what do you think?

The specs were my mother's that I had set with my prescription. When she came home with them in the 80's we thought she'd lost her mind. We called them her, "Rapper Glasses."

I'll have to look for those. We bought a few of the Tokyo Milk Alchemy sets with the single notes you can mix and match and Danny really enjoyed them. His fragrance collection is starting to challenge mine, but we have completely different tastes.

I read your comment as, "quality" robe and my initial thought was, "Well of course, they only sell the best at the thrift store!" Does that happen to you? Read something, and your brain has to correct your eyes because you *Know* that can't be right?

Mr. ETB spent years living in Germany and somehow never noticed 4711. I mean, that's a crucial part of the German cultural immersion experience, right? I seriously doubt he really wants the Hai Karate to wear, but rather to display on his desk as a sort of conversation piece. I've never known him to wear aftershave in all our years together and if this is some sort of mid-life thing, contrary to the claims in the ads at the time, he won't need karate moves to fight off the women throwing themselves at him!

Isn't AAA the BEST? Sigh, I think back on all the years I changed my own flats and think, "what a fool." The roads were much better today-I guess after the last storm the mayor wasn't taking any chances. You be safe too!

Bibi Maizoon said...

It's a Tree of Life design but the traditional Chinar leaves look a bit odd. The Sheikh says, "Eet eez not best quality." ::eye roll:: Whatev's.
La Vie La Mort is a nice tuberose/coconut thing, more like Bath & Body Works' Velvet Tuberose than Kilian's Beyond Love though. I think I'm getting more like my mom with this menopause thing. I have this odd urge to wear weapons grade tuberose/gardenia scents, perhaps I ought pour a bottle of Giorgio over my head & be done with it.

When I lived in Germany in 1989 nobody wore much fragrance at all, the Germans weren't much into fashion either. I was in Frankfurt, Munich, & Berlin 4 yrs ago & WOW, talk about going from frumpy & dowdy to chic & fabulous!!!

Rebecca said...

I loved catching up to hear what you have been doing. So sorry to hear your are sick with the flu. Although the 70s robe I'd lovely. I do love your beautiful 50s coat that you got as a gift (sorry you got no bandaids!) You are so right the weather everywhere has been crazy! Scary stuff. Danny looks great in the sweater he took from you!


Sue said...

So hope your stormy weather has settled down, it isn't nice having extreme anything when it comes to the weather. I do think it is mother nature giving us humans a telling off about how we treat this planet we are all living on, you would think we would learn. NICE embroidered jacket, I sure do hope you wear it lots, will go with so much. Band aids in your stocking, next it will be a lump of coal!!

Goody said...

Can you get hold of a bottle of Fracas? That ought to satisfy any tuberose urges without sickening everyone within a mile of you.

Mr. ETB lived in Germany in the late 60's and early 70's (I think they came back to the US around '74). He really hated it, but if I'd been dragged away from an idyllic childhood in Hawaii to go freeze in Germany, I might have been resentful too. I still don't know how he managed to avoid learning German (his sister did).

I feel a bit silly complaining about cold weather and snow to someone in Winnipeg! You're made of tougher stuff than we are.

The storm wasn't all that terrible-I was out today driving and most of the roads have been ploughed and salted. As I type, I have the hot water bottle on my lap and I'm beneath several blankets (wool and down). I was thinking I need one of those heaters like you have because my bedroom faces North and it gets all the cold wind (worst room in the house, for sure). It can go down to 50 degrees inside my room, when Danny's room across the hall gets all the afternoon sun and is over the kitchen stays warm at 68 degrees. They're new windows too. Something isn't right. Where's the hot flashes when I need them?!

Mim said...

Oooh, such a lovely jacket! Your menz sure are looking after you. And why not; you look after them very well.

It's jolly windy and rainy here, but we're too high up for floods - Trow may be dead common, but it's posh Bradford-on-Avon downriver that always ends up underwater. I'll settle for being a dry guttersnipe. It's awful for people up north, though. First they get flooded, and then visited by our politicians (haven't they suffered enough?!).

Goody said...

Where I grew up there was an area that routinely flooded on the wealthy side of town. The kids from our side would hurry down there after a rain to extort money from the snobs to push their fancy cars out from under water. It rained quite a bit, and there were some teenaged boys that made quite a good living at it!

Amazing how the politicians always manage to show up *after* disaster strikes behaving like they couldn't see it coming after years of people complaining about eroded sea-walls, etc. I've been watching the floods in our Midwest on television and I know they could have been prevented if they spent a bit of money on improvements instead of giving their rich cronies tax breaks.