Friday, December 18, 2015

Time's Running Out

 Oh dear, only one week left to wear all the velvet.

I'm not sure that rule about, "No velvet after Christmas" still applies, but we've had such a mild start to winter I might not get to wear much until possibly February.

We delivered the cookies to Ak-Sar-Ben aquarium, and they were a hit. We were also able to say goodbye to an employee who was having her last day today. She was thinking she hadn't seen us for a while, so it was fun that we showed-up just in time. It was a cold, but beautifully sunny day and the state park was absolutely gleaming. I love this time of year, and not having to navigate a foot of snow is a bonus I don't take for granted.

Frosty the Snowman is on TV tonight, and then they having something called, Frosty Returns on after. I'm not familiar with the sequel, but I suppose we can give it a watch. I stopped at Big Lots for coffee and came home with several bottles of juice and fizzy water to make non-alcoholic cocktails for Danny's party. because they're basically an overstock store, you see some very strange types of food and drink. Blueberry seltzer water doesn't sound terrible, but it doesn't sound good either. It was all inexpensive enough that I won't feel bad if it gets wasted.

I noticed Big Lots is already condensing their Christmas department and that the spring/summer items are taking their place. It seems a bit early to be setting up a garden centre, but there's something about seeing pottery and patio furniture in December that gives you a bit of hope. I'm going to need new seat covers for my patio chairs as a certain squirrel (I'm not naming anyone) has been using them as a bed/toilet. So much for not shitting where you sleep.

Outfit Particulars:
1980's satin blouse-Goodwill
1970's Act III velvet jacket (it has a matching skirt that is too long for my tastes)-Goodwill
1980's Susan Bristol velvet skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Shiny-Brite Christmas corsage-Thrift World
Vintage crystal clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Boots-K Mart
Vintage flexible band bracelet-Thrift World
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue
Lippy-Cherries in the Snow
Vintage suede hat-Hand-Me-Ups

There's a teenager a few doors down revving the engine of his sport-scar (he's been doing it for several minutes now).  It is taking every bit of control I possess to keep from opening the door and yelling, "Yeeeeeah man, Niiiiiiiiiice!" I mean, obviously he wants someone to notice-why else would you sit there doing that? The male teenage brain-I'm bracing myself for that in a few years.

The library finally came through with the first season of Peaky Blinders (we reserved it months ago) so I guess I know what I'm watching over the winter break.

Anyone have exciting plans?


Propagatrix said...

My office is only closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day. On Christmas Eve I'll get home from work, take a nap, and go to sing carol service and Midnight Mass. (I'm soloing on the good alto bits of "The Messiah.") On Christmas Day my husband's daughter and her roommate are coming for dinner and the traditional viewing of the "Father Ted" Christmas special. Should be a blast.

Sue said...

Go park your car next to his and rev the you know what out of it and then put your window down and say 'you wanna drag?'. Rules for velvet? Who knew? Not me for sure. I say do what you want, but then I like to break the rules. Shitting in your bed, yeah the chickens do that, go figure?

Goody said...

"Down with this sort of thing!"

If he says, "Yeah" I'll have to take the Oldsmobile-it has a bigger engine than the Ford!Looks like an old perople's car, but it hauls ass.

Curtise said...

I didn't know about the post-Christmas ban on velvet either, but you know that rules are for fools! Looking terribly elegant and ladylike in your velvet, pussy-bow blouse and hat, so I am enjoying the image of you yelling at the annoying teenage boy racer, using all the swear words in your extensive vocabulary. You know you want to... xxx

Beth Waltz said...

You've definitely mastered the 60s Chanel-for-the-Woman-Who-Serves-on-Boards (and sits at the head of the table)-Look. The crystal turquoise satin with black velvet look is sooo classic without being a cliche! Of course, Courreges IS the 60s for me, even 'tho I couldn't wear the silhoutte, even back in the day.

I'll be doing the family gathering this weekend, as my brother begins his Santa's circuit of the clan. (They are blessed that he truly enjoys conversations with young persons, who are permitted to select their gifts and menus. Danny and John would have much to discuss.) I'm hostessing a sort of open house 'samiches & salads' for friends the day of Christmas Eve, then schlepping the left-overs down the road Christmas Day to a friend's Big Event. The weather is cooperating this year, a great gift indeed!

Mim said...

Wow! love that outfit. I'm a sucker for that blue/green shade.

Peaky Blinders is ace, one of my favourites on telly. I dunno if you're thinking of watching it with Danny but it is quite sweary/saucy, and violent - Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' is the theme, and for good reason. I do like the way they mix modern music with the Edwardian settings and costumes, it works excellently.

Goody said...

Yes, I want to!

That sounds like a great way to spend Christmas.

Ah no, definitely not for Danny (he'd be bored with it anyway).