Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Come Armageddon Come

I've written and deleted so many posts over the past few weeks I've stared wondering why I bother at all. I suppose that's a good thing-the impulse to edit that saves me wishing I hadn't hit the Publish button. Oh, there's nothing exciting to report, just that I don't like my general tone of disgust. I mean, yeah you'd have to be in a coma to not be disgusted, generally but as I'm not prepared to do anything about it, the tone seems a wee bit out of place on a blog set up as an entertainment. If the content of these posts seem a bit thin of late it is because I (like everyone I know) am insulating myself against a bleeding ulcer by meeting the anger with a shrug, and trying to keep things generally positive.

Maybe this was a bad time to be reading, It Can't Happen Here aloud with the kid.

Here's something to love about America...an entire wall at the small supermarket devoted to crisps/chips. Know what's on the opposite wall? Soda! Oh, there's produce too, but that's over in the disused corner by the loading dock because only livestock and weirdos eat that shit.

America! America! 
God mend thy every flaw
Confirm thy soul in self control
Thy liberty in law.

Sigh. Sorry, it is that "tone" thing again. Besides, no one knows the lyrics to America the Beautiful after the first verse anyway.

Oh hey, everybody look! Clothes!

The skirt is vintage (late 70's/early 80's but the top came from K Mart a few seasons ago. I seem to be going through a Hawaiian phase as I counted over a dozen skirts, dresses, and shirts as I unpacked the summer clothes. Come on, you'd buy something with a label that read, "Hilo Hattie's Hawaii" wouldn't you? You know you would! Anyway, I'm seeing a wardrobe trend which means the huge hair flowers can't be far behind. My columbines are trying to bloom in the garden. I expect they'll open by tomorrow (fingers crossed). 

Better keep the cardigan handy, just in case. At least I've moved to a cotton cardigan, and am hopefully done with the woolens for a bit. 

Outfit Particulars:
Cotton top-K Mart
Hawaiian skirt-Goodwill
Straw bag-Goodwill
Bracelet-Garage sale
Earrings-K Mart
Rings-All Over
Necklace-Salvation Army
Vintage seahorse brooch-Art Show
Fragrance-Lucy B Tiare and Coconut 
I've embarked on a new project of creating a master list of my perfume collection. I wanted to have them sorted by house, category of fragrance, vintage or not, etc. I thought this might be helpful so I don't end up with (several) multiples. I'm all for hoarding scents I like, but no one needs multiple bottles of Tigress. Probably. Anyway, when you own hundreds of perfumes it is no small job getting them listed, and I'd abandon the project except that I'm better than halfway through. Really, what was I thinking? This is going to be a never-ending project. 

My kid just bought a computer with alienware that you can use as a touch screen and talk to. It addresses you by name, so he set it up to call him, "Dave." His name is Danny. He wants to hear it say, "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that." All day I have been thinking he's calling me from another room when he's just been talking to the bloody computer. It'll serve him right if he gets jettisoned into space. 

I'm off to try and improve my mood. I'll start with dubbelzout but I think we all know it will end with Boodles. 

Hope your week is treating you well. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Daisy, Daaaaaazy give me your answer troooooooo...........ujgo v57dv64wx
I'm sorry Goody, I can't do that.

What the hell is going on in the US? I can't even bear to turn on the TV & witness the unbridled assholery & willful ignorance anymore.

Everybody loves a hookylau! I'll have you know I've been to Hilo Hattie's in both Maui & Hilo. Just a huge tourist trap with multihued avocado green shag carpeting, redneck looking faux woodgrain paneling, and the best quality Hawaiian clothing in the state.

Looking stunning in coral as usual! Let me know how that Lucy B Coconut & Tiare's treating you, I'd like to try it for when the Monsoon blast starts here.

Goody said...

Mr. ETB lived in Hawaii in the mid 60's, but obviously didn't do any shopping. Strangely, his mother didn't either but her taste was a little too refined for loud tropical prints. I adore the stuff-I might just redecorate the house Hawaiian style. I feel a Tiki makeover coming on...

The Lucy B stuff is so cheap it wouldn't be much of a loss if you didn't like it. I'm not in love with heavy tropical notes, and to me this is rather concentrated. I guess that's a selling point, and it sounds like they go out of their way to use good quality local oils, etc. but it just isn't my thing. It was a gift, but not something I would ever have bothered with on my own.

If I were dealing with monsoon heat (or a humid Midwestern summer) I'd go for something citrus like Imperiale, or if you're feeling like a cheapskate, 4711, or if you're REALLY feeling like a cheapskate, Jean Nate. But that's me, I can't stand coconut or pineapple in humid heat. Bright and light like a gin and tonic is more my speed.

Bibi Maizoon said...

The problem with citrus in monsoon heat is that it's over in a minute. Citrus is so volatile it's over before it even starts it seems. That being said I noticed the Sheikh has usurped my bottle of EA's very citrusy Green Tea Summer, I prefer Concentre d`Orange Verte by Hermes but it's $$$$$s & over in a minute too.

Polyester Princess said...

I understand your tone of disgust, Goody. I don't think it's just the US though. I'm feeling a bit frustrated (to put it mildly) with everything that's coming our way here, but I'm getting very good at looking the other way and pretending everything is normal. Having started my blog helped in a big way. On the other hand, that skirt is great and I love it that you are having an orange moment! By the way, from what I'm reading on your blog, your Danny seems to be a great kid! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The intensity of those corals just might stand up to a Midwestern heat wave; however, what I'm liking about this outfit are the textures, especially that bag held next to the cardigan. And the shoes, lovely lacy shoes!

Yes, of course I bathe in 4711 in the summer. It's that or the pet-deodorizer. And I tuck sheets of lavender fabric softener under the car seat.

'Disgusted' doesn't describe my reaction to the situations brewing nationally or globally. It will serve, 'tho, to cover my distaste for the messes our Hoosier politicians have been cooking up. Gah.

Mim said...

Given the way the world has been of late, perhaps we're all better off setting sail for Hilo Hattie's Hawaii. Hopefully there will be cocktails for all, with a side order of tolerance and common decency.

Maybe you should start calling Danny Dave to see how he reacts...

Vix said...

There's plenty to be disgusted about here, too, so please don't despair. Anyway there's no harm in a rant, I rather like them.
I'm rather partial to a packet of crisps but guzzling fizzy drinks, I reckon that's to blame for the lack of intellect and general malaise of the Western population.
That tunic top is gorgeous, looks very much like my beloved Indian block prints. xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Hey Goody! Don't despair, there is hope for the future as long as youngsters still appreciate sci-fi. :)

Very cool that you've unearthed your Hilo Hattie collection. I have a couple of gorgeous Hilo maxis that unfortunately don't fit me. I keep them hanging in a closet as the bold print cheers me up immensely.

And now for your listening pleasure..may I suggest one of my "happy" songs which is "It's the End of the World.." by REM. Play it real loud, and sing (and shimmy) along. I find that it cheers me up no end.

You look wonderfully put together as usual. Love the clothes and accessories...really fixated on that nice, little purse.

happy thrifting ;)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Sometimes a tone of disgust is what's needed, Goody. Although if we had Donald Trump running for President I'd be pretty disgusted too.

The clothes are wonderful and all the accessories are fabulous. When you say the rings are from 'all over' is that all over the place or is 'All Over' the shop name? Sorry, I'm so bloody nosey...

My middle grandson's thing is 'Jeff'. It's his stock answer to everything you ask him. If he could get his laptop to call him Jeff, I think he'd been in 7th heaven, so I know where Danny is coming from!

Hope your week doesn't continue to be disgusting!


Goody said...

Danny's a good kid-too bad he got such crap parents!
Your blog is a great antidote to feeling disgusted. I love visiting to see what you've purchased lately.

4711 is one of my all-time favourites on my person, and around the house. I hadn't thought of fabric softener sheets in the car-great tip!

Oooh, a blogger meet-up in Hawaii sounds pretty good.

I think it is an Indian print by way of China.

@Thrifty Parka
REM would be an improvement over the songs in my head at the moment.

By "All Over" I mean that literally-lots of different places. Perhaps, "Everywhere in the middle of Nowhere" would be a better description ;)