Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mix Tape

Photo heavy post. FYI.

 Mad Mix, Beyond the Thriftstore-Coming soon to a blog near you.

I hope everyone had a nice week. Mine was busy, and generally uninteresting, but I'm at the age where boring is just fine. We're still getting freeze warnings so I haven't finished planting out the garden but hopefully the next couple weeks will warm up. The state arboretum plant sale is coming up in two weeks-a sure sign of spring around here. Meanwhile, I've been harvesting pea shoots and spinach like mad.

Outfit Particulars:        

1970's polyester blouse-Goodwill
1980's Adolfo linen jacket-Goodwill
2000's skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch-Can't remember
Crewel work tote bag-New Life Thrift
Liz Claiborne belt-Goodwill
Bracelet-Can't remember
Bakelite bangle-Goodwill?
Fragrance-Eau de Gaga #1 (much nicer than you'd expect. Lots of lime and violet)

I don't know why they call this a handicapped space-there's nowhere to park myself except next to a row of carriages/carts/trolleys/baskets (or whatever the hell they call them where you live). Someone thoughtfully placed a construction cone on the sidewalk for leaning against, so that's what I did. When you snap silly photos outside a liquor store on a buyt Saturday afternoon you get some laughs. It didn't help that the boys were jumping around with their hands in the air making monster noises.

Have I got a match? Sure. My ass and your face how about purple and orange?

Those lavender tights weren't going to wear themselves and it was breaking my heart seeing then sitting neglected rolled up in a ball. That scooter dress? Going away. By the end of the day I was exhausted from unzipping and taking the whole thing off just to pee. Some clothes are worth a struggle (like a great jumpsuit) but this dress, cute as it is has worn out the welcome in my wardrobe.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 60's scooter dress-Thrift World
 1980's Purple Marty Gutmacher jacket (part of a suit)-Goodwill
Long white necklaces-mum's
Stranded choker-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes-K Mart
Bangles-all over
Rings-K Mart, and Goodwill

I enjoyed that purple. Know what? It's a beautiful day, Let's Play Two!
Vintage doubleheader.

Outfit Particulars:
1980's cotton shirt dress-Goodwill
Wool cardigan-Goodwill
Handbag with matching change purse-New Life Thrift
Bracelet-Can't remember
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Sequels
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Early 80's Dior necklace and earrings set-Marshall Field's (It was an impulse buy, but I still have it so I guess maybe it was kind of worth the too-much money I spent on it)
Fragrance-vintage Coty  L'Origan (You thought I'd go for Guerlain Purple Fasntasy, didn't you... but I hated that one so much I gave it away. Could have done Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst, I suppose). 

I'm keeping the words short and sweet tonight as all I hear in my brain is, "Blah blah blah gin blah blah, gin blah blah weekend lie down blah blah gin blah blah." Or something like that. 

Do you wear purple? Any favourite colour combinations you'd like to share? 


Hope said...

I like your colour combinations. My favorite is navy blue and orange .I will avoid black and white in the future. Too much in my wardrobe. Just finished watching Never on a Sunday. I need to find portable record player like the one Merlina Mercouri got in the movie. How did I managed to live not having one? Here is Sunday wishing you great week ahead.

Sue said...

I love being that age where what would be considered boring by my younger self is down right perfect for me now!! We call them supermarket trolleys here and the bastard things always have one bung wheel so they never go in a straight line. True it is the trolley not me!!! Love the mass attack of colour and patterns in your first photos, and lavender and orange is sublime!! Hopefully your planting weather will turn up soon, it ain't here.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Love those "jungli" green prints together! "Jungli" is Hinglish for jungle-y, just like it sounds. The Great White Huntress of the handicapped spot!
Those lavender tights are divine. Bye scooti dress or any other clothing that requires gymnastics to get in & out of!
Love that Dior jewelry set. I always buy a load of inexpensive jewelry when I'm in the US & when I'm bored with it Dear Husband puts it in a fancy box & sells it in his shop.
It was 93F today (WHEW), along with M4.2 & M4.5 "aftershocks" I need a gin & tonic & a lie down too.

Beth Waltz said...

Just saw a photo of a lady lighting her cigarette from a candle on her 100th birthday cake -- and thought of you, dear Goody.

The "jungli" (thanks Bibi, for a nice gift to my fashion vocabulary) ensemble exudes attitude! Do wish we could see the Great White Goddess's male attendants doing their dance. But gin? Surely this much jungli demands a beverage served with an umbrella. (Why, the umbrellas?)

The crocus colors of purple and orange sing spring, and the tights and garment length warble "yay, for feeling youth again" BUT I vote against any scooti or jumpsuit that hinders one's activities in the 'loo. Wore a scooter dress to an airshow back when I could still climb into small aircraft: a video of my struggles with it in the porta-loo would make a great gag show for hen parties.

That Dior set illustrates a situation in which the accessories merit purchasing an outfit to display them, and you've done it! The bag is an unusually elegant alternative to the black patent leather one sees worn with spring jewel colors. Gin? Champagne in a crystal flute!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Hello Goody,

Hope your Easter was good.

I love your colour combinations! That bag in the last outfit post is amazing - autumn leaves in/on a bag.

Love the necklace and earring set; I love purple anything - it's my second favourite colour. You look tres chic in your shirtwaister dress. I had a beautiful white and green one years ago from Laura Ashley (charity shopped, of course); I think I quite suited it - it gave me the illusion of a waist at least - but it's long time since I've seen one in the charity shops...must keep looking!

Have a great week


Mim said...

I don't wear purple much because my husband absolutely loathes it. It really suits you.

Such a shame the scooter dress isn't to your liking, because that's an absolutely brilliant outfit. I never realised they had to be removed to go to the loo, though, that would be a horrible faff.

That Dior set is worth ever penny. It looks expensive!

Polyester Princess said...

What glorious outfits, Goody! I love the riot of colours of your first outfit, and that flowery tote bag.
Purple and orange are just fine, I have a summer dress combining the two. I can fully understand why the dress has to go though, it would drive me mad, as I would have to pee even more than usual. xxx

Vix said...

I second Mim, you look absolutely ravishing in purple. I love it on you.
The arboretum plant sale sounds ace, I'm, looking forward to the car boot season starting properly then I can stock up on plants cultivated from seed by enthusiastic elderly gents - the buying process is more fun than the planting. xxx

Bobbi said...

Love the purple dress! I wear purple almost every day - it's my favorite color and has been almost my whole life. I have two bottles of Passion gifted to me because it's purple.
Too bad about the little orange dress. It's really cute, especially with lavender legs.
I've been reading your blog for a while now and love the perfume reviews. Perfume is one of my favorite things, especially rich, sexy ones. You inspired me to get a couple of decants, too. I saw the other day that you didn't care for Opium. Maybe we can work something out?

Goody said...

Black and white does leave all sorts of possibilities with an accent colour like red or green, or yellow or...well, anything!

We call that, "The dummy cart." As in, "Damn it I got the dummy cart again!" The "Dummy Lane" is the one where a pensioner is counting out pennies to pay the bill and trying to pass coupons from 1970.

I like "Jungli" it sounds so much more exciting.

How about gin in a crystal flute? So I can be all elegant-n-stuff. If I make it to 100 I'm taking up smoking!

The Laura Ashley dresses (the vintage ones) are getting scarce as people are selling them for crazy prices on eBay. I'll keep an eye out for you.

What sort of a goth doesn't wear purple? You're much more considerate of your husband's tastes than I would be (Mr. ETB's suggestions are typically met with, "Get bent" as a response).

I used to be so embarrassed by the Dior logo on the chain I was constantly checking to make sure the clasp hadn't twisted to the front where anyone might see. It was the Reagan years, and I didn't want to look like I was a conspicuously consuming republican or something! Designer goods in the 80's were something to be ashamed of in my circle.

You're right-the power of suggestion is so strong that the moment I put the dress on, I needed to toilet.

That sounds like more fun than the state employees selling plants. The closest we get to a boot sale are Swap Meets, but they're not a big thing in my part of the country.

Nice to meet you, and welcome.
I'm going to hang onto the Opium for my collection (you'd be amazed at the stinkers I have lurking in there) but it is super-easy to find cheaply (probably because so many people hate it).

The perfume hobby is a strange one, isn't it? You start with a few bottles and before you know it you're buying a second fridge to store them in!