Saturday, June 19, 2010

HMS Victory-In Cake

Yes, the sails are all wrong-please don't write in to tell me.

So hey, this was a fun little project. The cookies are nice too, don't you think? My hands are hopelessly stained with food colouring, but wee Danny Dumpling will get the half-Birthday cake he wants.

The cake is a very simple yellow cake that I know from experience cuts neatly when cold. That was helpful fashioning the pieces to construct the ship. Tooth picks help too.

I'll try to post more photographs in the light tomorrow morning. I really hope he likes it.


Raymond said...

Wow, that's spectacular!

I want a BP oil gusher / oily gulf cake for my b'day!

(Isn't it a loss to comedy that it's BP, not GULF OIL, that had this disaster? Just thinkin'.)

Goody said...

When IS your Birthday anyway? It seems like I ought to know that.

Goody said...

Gulf Oil-ha ha.

So I just got up, and checked the cake and it looks even better this morning, now that the icing has fully dried. I was worried the black piping might bleed into the white, but it still looks perfect. Kiddo will be up any minute-I sure hope he likes it.

Raymond said...

Two dozen days into September.

I saw your other post subsequent, that Danny loved this. Yep, this cake is a spectacular achievement.