Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I bought two angelica plants at the state arboretum sale last weekend. I hope they do well (supposedly they are perennial in our zone-but just barely) as I have great plans involving candied angelica come next Christmas (do you have any idea how expensive candied angelica is, assuming you can even find it?).

The leaves are also edible, and the plant has medicinal uses though I'm not really one to go experimenting with that sort of thing (because I know so little about it, not because I doubt the value of herbal remedies).

The garden is still thriving, and I made a beautiful jar of pickled radishes with a laurel leaf from my tree, and a freshly cut sprig of rosemary from the hedge. For all the misery living out here, I have to remind myself that the precious few months of the garden really does go quite a way with respect to quality of life.

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