Sunday, December 02, 2012

Aw, Nuts

For the third time this holiday season, we arrived at an event, and had to promptly turn and leave because of on-site nut roasting in close quarters. Today, it was inside a tent housing the Christmas market. I felt terrible for Danny that yet again, we'd have to leave somewhere he'd been excited to visit. I can avoid the nut roasters at the farmer's market as it is outdoors-inside a tent is a little too risky given his level of allergy.

Danny was disappointed, but it is his allergy, and you can't really expect the world to accommodate it. We went somewhere else, he had a good time, and we got through the afternoon without a trip to the hospital or using eppi-pens. Personally, I was relieved I didn't have to go to the damned Christmas market because Danny forbade me making German jokes, (even muttered under my breath) and I wasn't sure I could do it! I mean, if they can't take a joke, they should stop starting World Wars.

On the positive side, the kid got to see Flamenco dancing yesterday, and belly dancing today. He saw captive owls at the Pioneers Park Nature Center (he even got to watch the kestrels being fed baby mice, which is exciting if you're into seeing the food chain in action) a one-winged bald eagle, and some other damned owl that was doing a back and forth call with him.  He also saw pots thrown, glass blown, and all manner of art at the Hot Shops studios open house. I think that more than makes up for missing the Christmas market. Then, in a moment consumed by parental guilt, we plunked down more money than we should have to take him to the opera in February. Mr. ETB got the pricey seats, as he wanted Danny to be able to see his first opera from a reasonable distance. The thought of climbing to third balcony probably put him off as well. The Magic Flute. We're taking him to the Magic Flute-"I am the Birdcatcher", and all that stuff.  Danny says I can't make German jokes about *that* either. Really, if they can't take a joke, they should stop staring World Wars.

I hope they won't be roasting nuts at the opera.

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