Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner

Guess what I have in the freezer for Christmas Eve? I'll give you a hint-it came in a plastic pouch with a Viking ship on it.

What? Lutefisk isn't one of the traditional seven fishes? Uh, it is here- where I live, in Sweden on the Plains. I made a batch of lefse today, and figured it would be worth freezing half to enjoy with our lye-bathed cod.

I'm doing cranberries instead of lingonberries as they are easier to find, and less expensive. Really, the difference to my unsophisticated palate is small.

Anyone have any interesting Christmas Eve dinner traditions you'd like to share? If you're local, and want to have some lutefisk  on Christmas Eve, let me know. I have a feeling there will be leftovers.

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