Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cookie Stamps

I'm somewhat, "baked out" from the holidays, but Valentine's will be along soon enough, and my beautiful new cookie stamps can get a trial. Reading about the stamps online, I noticed they can carve custom stamps. Mr. ETB said they probably wouldn't do any I'd think of, for any price. I can't imagine what he had in mind...but what I was thinking was a stamp that read, "Library Volunteers Only." I take a lot of cookies to the library throughout the year. Maybe a picture of a book?

I am however taking a break from the kitchen for a while. As I type, I can smell baked potatoes (is there a better scent?) that Mr. ETB scrubbed, and placed in the oven. See? They can cook! They dug some leftover chili from the fridge as well. Maybe they'll bake me cookies.

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