Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Pistols Shirt is a Neutral, Right?

It was a two-library day as there was a book sale at Swanson (I may have bought a few more books) and we had to visit the Abrahams branch to find out what they named the pet gerbils in the children's department ("Cookies and Cream"). Since we were there, I took advantage of the "best red wall in Omaha" for a photo.
I couldn't put an outfit together today to save my life. I also managed to spill half a bottle of foundation on my black, crepe, riding dress. That one is going to the cleaners for professional treatment. The other half of the bottle ended up on the wall. Still, the promise of a book sale is enough motivation to get dressed all over again, and on the third try, I came up with a Sex Pistol's shirt I've had since high school.
But it is so incredibly cold here. I mean, cold. Not t-shirt weather no matter how menopausal and over-heated I may be. I did the sensible thing-I grabbed a fake fur, and now I look menopausal, and bonkers.

Outfit Particulars:

Sex Pistols Shirt-mine, purchased a million years ago
Esprit black jacket-retail sometime in the 80's
Skirt-Jordan Marsh, 90's
Wedge Trainers, K-Mart last year's clearance
Stockings-DKNY years ago (and still going strong)
Faux Fur coat-Thrift America
Necklaces-here, and there over the years
Beret, K-Mart
Belt-Can't remember
Bracelets-Claire's a while ago
And I am reeking in Shalimar because it makes me happy, and sometimes the library can smell really bad.

It is going to be -10 degrees F. tonight. And tomorrow, and god knows how long after that. We're expecting snow as well. I checked out a stack of movies from the library, and made a huge batch of coponata that will hopefully last the weekend. There will be bread baking, popcorn popping, Monopoly playing, and general hibernation.

Stay warm, and have a lovely weekend.

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pastcaring said...

Menopausal and bonkers, my favourite look. On you, and on me. Of course a Pistols t-shirt may be considered a neutral, that goes without saying.
Hope you've kept warm this weekend! xxx