Saturday, March 08, 2014

Lounge Act

Mr. ETB pointed out it looks like something they would have worn on Lost in Space. He may have a point.
After a tough morning with shrieking falcons, owls, and other assorted birds at Fontenelle Forest, I was ready to come home and relax. The raptor people (and the bird banders as well) are so kind to Danny, and really enjoy being able to share their knowledge with an interested child. I really do appreciate all the time they spend with him, and how they include him in the things most visitors don't see (like feeding a Peregrine falcon a couple dead mice as a "snack"). I did laugh to see people who let gigantic raptors perch on their arms get uncomfortable when a water-bug scurried across the floor. Thirteen years on a farm solved my fear of those. Anyway, I scooped it up, and took it outside which at least got me away from the squawking. Know what's loud? A nuthatch. Tiny little bird screaming bloody murder at being banded. Go figure. Anyway, I needed to lounge, and when I do I prefer to be stylish. I'm not really a polar fleece person, or a track suit, but show me a nicely designed double knit, and I'm all over it.
Requisite pointy-collar, and zip-front.
I think this suit was intended originally for outside wear. The housedress I wore out today clearly was not. I'm so mixed-up!
No, this is a dress you wear to scrub the floors, or sit in a room with freaked-out birds.
I cleverly disguised it (well, mostly. You can still see the front zipper) with a cardigan and a silk jacket. "You're dressed...uh...springlike" I was told by someone searching for something to say that wasn't, "Why the hell are you dressed like an Easter egg?"

Outfit Particulars:

Knit top and trousers late 70's, or early 80's (I kind of remember having stuff like this in velour circa '78)-Thrift World, Millard

1960's front-zip housecoat-Goodwill
Talbot's silk jacket-Goodwill
Blue cardigan-Target?
Purple tights-Walgreen's

I did manage to hit a couple of my regular thrifting stores today, and came home with some interesting items. I may think better of palazzao pants later on, but today they looked intriguing. Eventually it will be spring, and you can't go wrong with navy and white polka dots.

I'd better get to lounging now, as we spring forward tonight, and I'll lose a precious hour of beauty sleep.

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pastcaring said...

Nothing wrong with being mixed up. Inner/outerwear, 1960/70s, polyester/silk, just throw it all in the mix and enjoy. At least it's not fleece, fabric of the Devil. And that orange Lost in Space suit is soooo much cooler than a tracksuit!
It's great that Danny gets such wonderful experiences at the bird centre, I am sure the staff there love his enthusiasm and interest. He'll probably want to volunteer there when he's a bit older. xxx