Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Ma Kettle Hat

This was my first wear for this fruit and flower adorned straw hat I bought last year in Iowa. 

We headed over to the "Red (Read) Wall" at the library on 90th street for a photo-op. Don't worry, the librarians already know I'm strange, this get-up wouldn't look out of the ordinary.

 We decided to walk across the lobby to photograph on the other wall-I don't know what sort of magical worm hole I went through, but it made my boobs bigger. Seriously. My knockers were half this size on the other side of the library. Amazing! I wonder how many people know about this?

Sadly, by the time I got to Bag and Save, the magic was gone. Bummer.

Danny found this kosher version of Swedish Fish candy in the Pesach aisle. We didn't buy them.
Outfit Particulars:

Straw hat with fruit and flowers-Goodwill, Council Bluffs, IA
Red Cashmere sweater-Marshall Field's, 1980's
Red Cardigan-Can't remember
Blue Beads-Goodwill
1950's wool pleated skirt-Thrift World, 90th Street
Butterfly wing sweater-clip-Can't remember
Earrings-Sara Coventry, thrifted years ago
Gold bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Blue Handbag-Thrift World, 90th Street
Shoes-Vintage Naturalizers, Thrifted
Red gloves-Nobbies (Hey, I didn't name the place)

Yeah, yeah, I haven't forgotten.
Have a lovely week, everyone.


Joanna said...

A certainly "don't mess with me" post lol. Funny!

Goody said...

The whole day had that sort of vibe.

I do try to avoid taking myself too seriously. Glad I could give you a laugh.

Curtise said...

Knockers. A fine word, redolent of Carry On humour and 1970s sitcoms (in the UK anyway). I am going to use it more often. In fact, there was a comedian called Les Dawson, who had a character called Cosmo Smallpiece whose catchphrase was Knickers, Knackers, Knockers. You are welcome for the cultural input...
Anyway, I am interested in the wormhole and its knockers-enhancing effects. I have certain tops that do that, suddenly the tits look bloody huge.
Love the hat, the whole look is a little Librarian Chic (which I like a lot, and is appropriate for the venue, after all), you look superb in red, and Nobbies' gloves? Gawd, we are back to 70s sitcoms....
Always a lady. I like that. xxxx

Helga said...

Good old knockers!
I must thank Curtise for introducing me to you.

Sue said...

What a fabulous hat!! You have made me laugh with your knockers story!!

Goody said...

@ Helga
I'm pleased to meet you.

@ Sue
I'm glad we can all have a laugh at me knockers.