Monday, March 17, 2014

Gravitational Waves

I know better than to get too excited, but if this can be verified by other telescopes...who am I kidding? I'm already too excited.

Anyway, thought I ought to note it on the blog, just because.


Curtise said...

I wish my brain was big enough to understand and truly appreciate this, but alas... xxx

Goody said...

Brain size is overrated-Neanderthals had really big brains, and have you ever seen their idea of painting?!

Your brain is plenty big, highly functioning, and capable of much more than mine.

To be honest, I always felt somewhat handicapped by my inability to explain most concepts without resorting to maths. It drives the kid crazy, because he asks good questions, and I answer him with the scientific calculator.

And I suck at arithmetic. Mathematics, yes. Arithmetic,
forget it.

Janice said...

The whole notion just blows my mind. I'm reading "The Future of The Mind" by Michio Kaku which requires me to read the same paragraph over just to be sure I truly understand what's written. It isn't a tough read. A prime example of, we lose what we don't use. My daily life doesn't require a vast knowledge of physics. What the hell am I making for dinner and where did my daughter put her trumpet is usually the biggest stumping question of the day!

Goody said...

If you boiled water to make dinner, you used physics ;)