Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tipsy Tooth Fairy

Father Christmas gets milk and cookies-the tooth fairy gets cordial. She's a bit of a lush, and she tends to scatter the money about the room instead of placing it beneath the pillow.
I didn't get anything for my tooth woes (except a substantial bill) but kids in these parts collect a rather good sum. Now, I'm confident Danny (aka, "Little Dawkins") does not believe in a tooth fairy (or Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, or any deity a church would ask you to worship, or anything even vaguely supernatural) but he does believe in the Almighty Dollar, and is willing to play along for the payout.

I hope she doesn't drink it all, and throw-up on the white carpet, 'caus you know blackberry is gonna stain.


pastcaring said...

Little Dawkins - attaboy Danny! My eldest daughter Claudia wrote a robust defense of her atheism for a homework assignment, I was so proud.
So what's the alcohol content in that cordial? It looks innocent enough, but if the Tooth Fairy is a lush, then pure juice and water aren't going to cut it, are they? xxx

Goody said...

That cordial is potent-berries steeped in vodka for a few months, then sugar syrup added at the end.

Our children would get along, though I do wish Danny would stop publicly calling things, "Just a big old bag of religion!" Sometimes it gets awkward.

I need to have a talk with that tooth fairy-this morning Danny found five dollars beneath his pillow. I think that is overly generous.