Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Transitional Wardrobe

The weather is fickle this time of year. Yesterday, we took dinner to the park for a picnic in the 75 degree weather. Today? 50 mph winds, cold, and snow expected later. Madness. How on earth can I dress for spring when we seem to fluctuate between winter and summer?
Layering seems the best solution, though it isn't foolproof. This dress is linen, but long and heavy enough to work with a jacket. The temperature has dropped since I was out this morning, so I found myself putting the jacket back on by early afternoon.
(I had an early dental appointment, so if my face looks oddly swollen, and lacking lipstick, there's your explanation. A course of Prednisone didn't help either, but whateves-there's just more of the face you love to look at anyway- so everybody wins!).
I'm not as unhappy as I look, really I'm not. My mouth hurts like a motherfucker, but I'm really in a pretty decent mood. I'd smile, but the temporary crown ain't pretty.
Polka dots echo spring, even if the weather is stubbornly uncooperative. Add something big (necklace) and something floral (pin) and you'll be on your way to a seasonally appropriate when the weather insists on being inappropriate.
(I love how the lighting bolt is positioned right over my shoulder. I didn't plan that, but it is still awesome)
I removed the shoulder pads from this 80's dress, but you can see the arms have been carefully sewn to hold their own without the aid of the padding. Nifty! I really fell in love with this dress at first sight, though shifts aren't really designed for the shorter woman. I wish it had been tailored for a petite, and I may give in, and take it to a professional so it can be shortened without losing the taper at the hem. I never believed I'd fall in love with an 80's over-sized dress, but here we are. I tried belting it, but finally accepted that it needs to be worn as the era demanded-so I put on some 4 inch pumps and went with it.

Outfit Particulars:

1980's does 40's linen dress-Goodwill
White choker-Shop Ko
Sorta-recent Anne Klein jacket-Goodwill
Floral pin-Tiff and Tam

OK, I'm off to bake a loaf of bread or something to warm the house up. Come on spring, humour us-just this once.


Northern mum down South said...

Just catching up with your posts - classy look for the dentists. Hope the pain subsides soon. xx

Goody said...

Ha! It wasn't for the dentist's benefit, though I did have to curtail the rest of my day's plans due to pain.

I dunno, the tooth had a root canal-it shouldn't hurt. I'll have to call tomorrow.

How's your crochet going? It looked great last time you posted.

pastcaring said...

Isn't it funny how some 80s styles just manage to wheedle their way into your affections, pouffy shoulders and all? I have a few, and although the shoulder pads are only small (they must be early 80s, before the shoulders really exploded into hugeness) I do appreciate the Mildred Pierce vibe. And the bold shoulder balances out my arse rather pleasingly!
So I like the 1940s feel, the chic monochrome, the elegance. Shame about the dental pain, that's not so good. And the weird weather is... weird. But this too shall pass. xxx

Jessica Cangiano said...

Love this outfit! It's a shame that 80s fashions have garnered such a bad rep, as I really think there were scores of very beautiful, fun, and or appealing chic fashions to be had in that ten year span that deserve to be remembered and revered (and re-worn) to this day. Perhaps as more time goes on and memory of acid wash jeans and over teased bangs fades a bit more, the great side of 80s fashion will claim its rightful place in the spotlight.

♥ Jessica