Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pendelton 49'er Jacket

I spotted this jacket on a rack at the thrift store, by the sleeve button. I knew it looked like a quality button, and the wool seemed nicer than most of what turns up at Goodwill. Turned out, my hunch was correct.
There are newer 49'er jackets out there, but a look at the label, and a feel of the fabric should help distinguish it from a re-issue. It was a popular style. There are a number of knock-offs for sale on Etsy that are not correctly labeled, so buyer beware. The label on a Pendelton should not be at the neck. The buttons are large as well.
The pockets are large, and the plaid matches-up.
The shoulder pads are covered in the same fabric (another dead giveaway with the imposters).
And if all else fails, check the button holes to see how they are stitched.

I was off to fly a kite today, so I teamed the jacket with my vintage Levi's rockabilly jeans I wrote about here:
I didn't fly the kite, I just held it so Danny could run, and get it in the air.
 Nice to know I'm useful for something.
Outfit Particulars:

Pendelton 49'er jacket-Thrifted Goowill
Levi's Vintage Jeans-Thrifted ages ago
1970's gum soled shoes-Thrift America $3.99

This was the kid's first try at flying a kite. There's a learning curve, but we have plenty of wind out here on the plains, so I'm sure he'll have ample opportunity to perfect his skills.

How's your weekend going?


pastcaring said...

Very windy here too, so good kite-flying weather. I've never seen a Pendleton jacket, I presume it's an American heritage label? Very cool! xxx

Goody said...

Pendelton used to do exclusively woolens, and nice ones at that. Then, like so many companies they branched out into less well-made sportswear and though they are still around, much of it is made in china from poor quality cotton. They are presumably the same company, but I no longer purchase their goods new-I've been alienated by the junk they stick their label on.

That said, the old wool suits, coats, and skirt are worth having if you find them, and people tend to take care of them as they were always a bit pricier than the competition. They are often found second hand in pristine condition.

Anyway, I hold out hope they will recognise how inferior their product has become, and do something about it, but until then, I buy the vintage pieces when I can.