Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stop Hitting Your Sister

Saturday morning found us back at the library for a puppet show. It is extremely low-tech, and I think that adds to the charm. Children adore it, and by the end of the half hour, the adults were in stitches as well.
As a child, I remember thinking it was, "Punching Judy", but alas, mother wouldn't let me. Mr. Punch was OK, but I'd have preferred delivering a well-aimed fist at my sister's pie-hole.
The sun came out, so I wore the sparkliest spring dress I own-a Diane Fres flouncy number from the 80's. A woman stopped me in the library to ask where I bought it. I happily told her the thrift store, and how it cost .99 cents. I'm not sure she believed me.
Here's a shot from the downstairs powder room. I thought you might be getting sick of looking at my shower curtain. You're welcome.

Outfit Particulars:
Red 1970's J.C. Penny's jacket-Thrift World
1980's Diane Fres dress (I removed the massive shoulder pads) Thrifted .99 cents
1950's rhinestone necklace-Thrifted somewhere in Wisconsin decades ago
Rhinestone floral pin-Thrift World-.98 cents
Cinnabar bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups store
Earrings-1950's Sara Coventry-Thrifted as part of a set
Gigantic rhinestone ring-Goodwill
Shoes-Vintage Naturalizers beautifully restored by the local cobbler
Chain link and leather 60's belt-Thrift World, Millard

Danny is now inspired to build a puppet theatre and do shows in front of the house. We live practically on the campus of a small college, so I'm sure students passing by on their way to class would be ever so amused by the sort of things I can imagine my kid doing with a Punch and Judy show.

Have a great weekend, and don't punch your sister.


Sue said...

I love telling people how little I paid for something they like and how it came from an op shop. Some are shocked, this amuses me no end. Why pay top $ for new when pre loved is so much better. Punching Judy, that is brilliant.

Witchcrafted Life said...

The jewelry here...oh my word, it's turning my knees to Jell-o! I had to scroll through the photos three times, sighing in admiration of each piece every time. I love (!) them all, but am especially (completely!) smitten with your gorgeous AB necklace.

♥ Jessica

Jayne H said...

That necklace is absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning with that dress.

Goody said...

@ Jessica
@ Northern Mum

I have a feeling the necklace was a cheap thing at the time. The clasp is little more than a hook that catches the last stone on the strand, and the setting feels kind of flimsy. That said, it is so much better made than anything I could buy today. Funny how the cheap items from the 50's become our luxury stuff.

Thanks for your lovely compliments.

Goody said...

I know, right? I haven't been in a department store for quite some time (unless you count K-Mart) and it really shocks me to see what people will spend for something that will be out of style in a week.

The Guardian had one of their lovely, "All Ages" slideshows (gawd, I hate the idea) where they were suggesting a Pepsi t-shirt for something on the range of $90.00 as fashionable.

I don't know about you, but if I'm wearing some brand's slogan emblazoned across any part of my body, they had better be paying ME.

Paying money to advertise a brand. *Shakes head* madness. I'll stick to the thrift stores.

Curtise said...

I know not everyone goes for that style of 1980s dress (the 80s are still a mocked decade fashion-wise, like the 70s used to be till they were reassessed as cool) but I rather love 'em. Is that a sheer panel on those wonderful sleeves? All the jewel colours and floral print... I am smitten. Of course your necklace and earrings are beautiful too.
Punching Judy? I like the sound of that, sisters need a smack in the piehole from time to time, don't they? I have just spent the weekend with both of my sisters, and did refrain from any fisticuffs...
Prices in "normal" shops? Don't get me started, I am shocked at what they charge for such shoddy crap. xxx

Goody said...

Yes, the black panel is sheer, and somewhat accordion pleated.

If you don't want to punch your sisters, you can punch mine.