Saturday, March 01, 2014

Not Quite

Maybe their reality is different than mine. I'm sure Harvey was real enough to Jimmy Stewart.
Natural? I really don't think so.

If anything, there's something downright unnatural about the bunnies. And sinister, like you bring one into your house, and it takes over your mind and before you know it you're online buying 100 lb. sacks of bunny chow. Why take chances?


pastcaring said...

You clearly have a heart of stone. The Realistic Natural Bunnies are so cuuuuute.
Nah, not really. Hideous.
PS. Just a small request - might you be able to turn off Word Verification for commenting on your blog? I don't get any spam comments despite not having it, you might want to give it a trial run. No worries if not, of course! xxx

Goody said...

OK, for YOU I went and turned it off-but when we have to bow to our new robot overlords, you're getting the blame.