Sunday, March 02, 2014

Amana Woolen Mill Sweater

I collect knits from the Amana Colonies Woolen Mill In recent years, they've stopped making clothing to focus on blankets, and other items but I live nearby enough that the older items show up regularly in thrift stores. Not all the items are wool (this sweater is Orlon), but the cotton items are luxurious in their own right. The knits are not flashy, but they are well made, classic pieces that will never really look terribly out of fashion.
 I wandered out in the -4 temperature this morning. Tomorrow is expected to be worse, -14 or some craziness. Layered with a cotton tunic under, and a warm coat over, this sweater did a pretty decent job of keeping me warm. As a bonus, it isn't so bulky that I was unable to get my arms through the sleeves of my coat.
Cables aren't a good look on me, but even being knit, and white I didn't end up looking like a marshmallow puff. It isn't slimming, but as knits go, it isn't bad. There was some thought put into the design, and it appears to have been made for someone with both arm fat, and boobs. You'd think that would be obvious with women's sweaters, but I have my share of sleeves that feel like I'm wearing a blood pressure cuff all day.

 How about some corduroys? yeah, I don't like them either, but I like frostbite even less.

 I do like the Western styling on the legs. I'm not sure I like them on my legs, but eh, whatever.
 But before venturing outside, I needed a coat. This one will do.
Sure, I look like Paddington. I like marmalade. Danny (background) is wearing my old Dale of Norway cardigan. He's nearly outgrown it, which means next year I can have it back. The kid's arms are longer than mine, and we're close to the same height.

You know what this weather can do? My thoughts exactly.
Outfit Particulars:
Amana Woolen Mills sweater-Thrift America
Corduroy flares-Target about 12 years ago
Duffle coat-ancient
Cheerful demeanor-born with it, baby.
Have a good week kids.





Curtise said...

I'm really not a sweater kind of girl (cardigans, yes; sweaters, no - don't ask me to clarify the difference as I can't really justify it...) But I confess to liking that one, I think it's the buttons and the pattern that have won me over. And anyway, a girl's got to keep warm.
Can't go wrong with that cheerful demeanour. xxx

Curtise said...

Ooh, you did the word verification thing, thank you! xxx

Julie said...

Question: I live in Cocoa Beach and yes we do get cool weather (- today 50). I found a sweater with Amana Iowa tag and I have done several searches but how do you know wen it was made. I love this sweater. Its green and beautiful. I might only get to wear it for a month who cares. Its beautiful. Can you help me?

Goody said...

Without seeing it, I would only be guessing, but they stopped making sweaters by the late 80's, so you know it is at least that old. You might be able to contact the Amana colonies tourism office for info. The mill is still operational, but they only do blankets and scarves these days.

My experience(s) with Florida is that a sweater is always welcome no matter the weather as people crank the air conditioning up to absurd levels-so maybe you'll get year-round use from it too.

Here's the website, and there's contact info for the mill. You might luck out and find someone that can send you the information you need. Good luck, and enjoy your beautiful sweater.