Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why I'm Binning This Top and Skirt

When I bought this top and skirt for .98 cents, it was a bargain. The twenty minutes I spent pressing it, and having it Still hang unevenly like a sack made it a candidate for binning. The top is quite large on me yet it gapes anyways-never a good sign. The shoulders slip, the neck is too wide, and finally, the buttons slip open. That's it for me. No bargain is worth completely re-making something to fit halfway nicely. Certainly not a cheap bit of 90's office worker clothing. I am binning it, rather than re-donate it so no one else will fork over a perfectly good .98 cents for an ill fitting outfit. You can spend that money on something flattering.

Something flattering like a velvet jacket. The jacket was much better use of .98 cents.

and for a few more dollars, a decent hat. No, you don't need to wear ill fitting clothing at these prices. Cheap rayon crepe from the 90's isn't something you need to feel guilty about binning. I do wish it had worked out, but I suspect there's no shortage of inexpensive floral separates out there.

Outfit Particulars:

Top and skirt-Thrifted .98 cents (win some, lose some, eh?)
Hat-Thrift World, Millard
Jacket-Thrifted at Hand-Me-Ups Store, Omaha
Tights-Walgreens (Really! And they're great)
Shoes-Thrifted Goodwill
Handbag-90's bought new

 Gawd, that afternoon sun is awful. Forgive my squinting.
Yes, until the flowers come up in the yard, I planted pinwheels along the fence. That giant one set me back seven bucks, but it drives the neighbourhood cats crazy, so at least it has some entertainment value. The first of my bulbs are peeking up through the dirt, but we had a dusting of snow last evening, and I don't see a proper spring in our future-not the immediate one anyway.

All right dearhearts and gentlepeople, remember not to re-donate inferior clothing, and enjoy what's left of the weekend.


pastcaring said...

I have had arguments (albeit good-natured ones) with my best friend about her habit of donating absolute shite to charity shops. Seriously; broken toys, clothes with holes in. I ask her - would you buy it? No, she says, but someone might. No, I say, the charity shop workers will shake their heads and tut, and then bin it. So save them the bother, and bin it yourself. Some things have just had their day. Or they never deserved a day in the first place.
So - the floral two-piece looks nice from a distance, but if it's not right, it's gotta go. The hat, on the other hand, is a beauty. As is the velvet jacket.
Spring will come, my friend - be patient! xxx

Goody said...

I'm on a crusade to get people to re-think that habit.

Speaking of sales, I hope your jumble sale went well.