Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Weekend's Thrifting

 I'm calling this fellow Casey Jones. I think he was an over-the-crib organiser (or perhaps shoes) in another life, but I put him to better use.
 Scarves, gloves, and hankies all have a new, neater home. I already have a psychotic looking bear on my wall, it isn't like this is going to clash with the décor.
Those pockets hold a surprising amount of stuff.

While I was at the Hand-Me-Ups store, I found another bag similar to the tapestry one I bought there last month.
 For years I stayed clear of Americana thinking it was for old ladies and reactionaries. Well, I qualify as an old lady anyway. That bag is huge.
 The beaded bag started out at twenty dollars at my local Thrift World. It didn't sell (obviously) so last weekend I got it for four dollars. I still think I over-paid, but sometimes I do that.
 This bag feels older to me (nice interior, metal zipper, well-constructed handles) though it could be from the 80's or later. I bought it for the fringe because I adore fringed items, and don't currently have any. Problem solved.
 Yeah, that's a shitty photo, but you get the idea.

Let's pause for a David Lynch inspired photo.
 OK, now that I got that out of my system, look what else I found
 ...and they're cat-eye shaped. Perfect for my two sets of specs! How lucky was that?
Finally, a mystery. I know Dunhams boots are a heritage Canadian brand that started in the US in Vermont. These boots have a Vermont label, but I'm not able to get much information to date them by. They are pristine, never worn, and the leather hasn't a single crack in it. Unfortunately, they're too small for my feet, but I couldn't leave them for $3.99 I do wish I knew a bit more about them.
 Any Dunhams experts out there want to weigh in with additional information? The sizing on the label is pretty cryptic as well.
 The tops fold down, and snap on both sides of the boot. A pretty nifty feature.

So that was my haul last weekend. Did you find anything good in the thrifts?


Sue said...

Good shopping!! The boots look decidedly comfy. Yesterday I scored a gorgeous vintage sheet and today it was CDs. Little bit every day.

pastcaring said...

Now, I am admiring all three of those bags, very nice. Casey Jones is a bit bonkers though, but hey, if he holds your scarves, etc - a man who tidies up and holds stuff is not to be sniffed at.
I snap up vintage glasses cases for my sunglasses too, the top one is lovely.
I know nothing about the boots, of course, but it's a shame they don't fit, they look as though they would be very comfortable.
Haven't been in a charity shop for a week or so, I need to rectify that and see what I can find... xxxx

Propagatrix said...

I am envious of the clip-on shades, and frightened of Casey Jones, who might tear out your throat while you sleep.

Best recent thrift score: paperback copy of CAROL TRENT, AIR STEWARDESS.

Goody said...

I should mention I have a weak spot for anything to do with railroading, which might explain my attraction to Casey.

It holds tons of stuff though-dozens of gloves, etc.

Some might say I have too much stuff if I must resort to cot organisers-but what the fuck do they know?

Jessica Cangiano said...

Around these Canadian parts, $4.00 for a beautiful beaded bag like that would be a stellar deal, so if that helps you feel like you didn't overpay for it all, certainly feel free to pretend you bought it north of the 49th! :)

♥ Jessica

Northern mum down South said...

I'm sure Casey Jones and Mr Baubles will be great company for each other, they can talk about you when you are not there.

Goody said...

@Northern Mum
...But what if I start talking TO THEM?! Bwahahaha...

Goody said...


I think the good old days of going to Canada to buy vintage are over from what you and others are saying. We used to save-up to take trips North and shop.

I also live in a part of the US where there isn't much of a market for vintage. There are a few places that cater to college students with overpriced polyester items from the same thrift stores I visit, but for quality vintage, I only know of two places worth visiting. That leaves quite a bit in the thrifts for people to buy cheaply.