Friday, March 28, 2014

Nanaimo Bars-Nut Free Version

What's in a Nanaimo Bar?
Drunks and hookers.
This was my first attempt at the classic dessert from British Columbia. I used the recipe here:
Because we have nut allergies to deal with, I adapted the crust by using a bit more coconut. Another good substitute for nuts would be crushed pretzels, or toasted porridge oats. I also had to use a local store brand custard powder as Bird's is almost impossible to come by where I live. I doubt you could taste the difference against all that butter and sugar. I should mention that these are not health food, even if you use dark cocoa.
Here's a closer look at the mushroom canister and napkin holder in the background. I know Nanaimo bars have been around for a long time, but I associate them with the early 70's, just like mushroom shaped canisters. Don't store your Nanaimo bars in a canister-they need the fridge.
There are two other pieces to the set, but you get the idea.
Happy Weekend.


Connie said...

How funny. My mother used to make these. She called them Namlo bars and she used regular Jello vanilla pudding. I never questioned the name. Of course not. I was a kid. Anyhoo, I have not thought about these bars in ages. Thanks for the little trip down memory lane.

Goody said...

Thanks Connie. I should caution you against making them though-my head was doing that whoooosh thing it does when I get pure sugar. Clearly these things are for children, as my kid ate it in a single bite, then looked at me for another square. At least he didn't wash it down with a fizzy drink.