Friday, March 21, 2014

That's Better

I needed a good way to store longer necklaces.
 Ta Da!
I felt bad for this fellow sitting in the 1/2 price section of Hand-Me-Ups. I took him home for $1.99 which seemed about right. I'd pay more than that for a decent plastic hook, which would hold considerably less.

I thought he needed a name, so I'm going with, "Mr. Baubles."

Happy Weekend.


Northern mum down South said...

That's the thing with accessorising, you need a way to store everything so you have things to choose from . Mr Baubles is cute and useful, not all men can boast those two qualities.

pastcaring said...

Not Mr Bojangles?
He's a cutie, and functional too. Can't beat that in a fella. xxx

Propagatrix said...

It's like a giant Meyercord decal with hooks. Love it.

Goody said...

Oh man...I haven't thought about those decals in forever. My mother went crazy with that stuff in my bedroom.