Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clothes For Days When You Don't Know if You're Coming, or Going

This is the first item of clothing I've owned that had a label (in addition to the regular sizing and care label) telling which side is front. What a terrific idea! Some skirts can be really mysterious unless they have a kick pleat. This should be standard on all clothing, particularly tights.
See? Now everything is where it ought to be, and no mistaking my gut for my behind (which sadly wouldn't be all that difficult in a poorly lit room).
Oh would you look at that sewn-in hankie? How adorable is that? I did consider removing it, but that would lose the "bad taste" charm of it.
The peach coloured faceted buttons also add a nice touch. I never owned suits like this at the time-these weren't for work, these were for church.
The "Australian" belt. These were briefly a "thing" in the early 80's. I had to have someone explain how to loop it properly, and after thirty (probably more) years I can still manage it. I'd forgotten I had it until it showed up in a box of attic junk moving house. It has been getting quite a bit of wear since.
And an owl,  because a smile can fuck off, but you're never fully dressed without an owl.
Don't you wish a cheerful mood were as easy as slipping on a pair of shoes? I guess Gaytees never struck me as funny, but Gaymode just sounds so formal, like you're cheerful, but not having that good of a time. Like a few gin and tonics at the country club gaymode, which is only slightly more relaxed that workmode because you're chatting up clients anyway. I picture Leticia Baldridge wearing these shoes around the White House organising Jackie's social calendar.
Damn it, now I want a gin and tonic.

I could tote a bottle of Boodles, some tonic, and a few limes in this bag-and being vinyl it won't matter if anything spills. Come to think of it, a spritz of gin wouldn't hurt the interior as it is starting to smell a bit musty. Have you ever smelled Guerlain's perfume Imperiale? It smells exactly like a G&T. I can save the hundred bucks a bottle and fill an atomizer with a drink, which would be more acceptable to carry in your handbag anyway. I think I'm on to something here...
I matched my hair bow to my shirt. I must be channeling my mother, except she would have matched it to her handbag and shoes as well.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's Polyester suit-Thrift World, .98 cents
Blouse-retail, decade ago
Earrings-Italian import shop maybe 20 years ago
Bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups Omaha
Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
Handbag-Also Thrift World (I'm like an walking advertisement for the place)
Hairbow-Tif and Tam

The hottie is hanging on the shower rod, again. I may be the only blogger routinely photo bombed by a hot water bottle! Anyway, I'm smiling, see? Know why? Because I'm in my gaymode. If I weren't, I'd look like this:
That's my incredulous mode. Spot the difference? I know which I prefer.


Sue said...

I have been giggling away reading this one, Gin and tonic in a spritzer!! Gaymode, ha ha!! You are a good sort and I look forward to reading your blog. A label that tells me the front from the back, I so need that!!

pastcaring said...

Snappy suit, with helpful directions - excellent!
I think I fancy carrying G&T in an atomiser, just for the occasional spritz, to keep myself in Gaymode. You are right, it's an excellent idea. xxx