Friday, April 11, 2014

I Clean House on Monday and Friday

The same hair rat used last weekend to transform me into Ernestine, is responsible for this as well. I rolled under rather than back.
I think I scared the young gardener when I went to the door this morning warning him to take care around my garlic plants. Clearly, whatever he was expecting, I wasn't it. He did clear all the dead leaves away from the garlic and tulip bulbs without disturbing anything. He's probably afraid of me.
This fellow isn't afraid of me, one bit. Relax, it isn't real. If we got robins this size, I'd be outta here. This is one of Danny's (several) models he uses to sketch from. He has a room filled with them.

Tomorrow is Raptors Live, at Fontenelle Forest. Essentially that means the Raptor Recovery people bring out some hawks and owls, and they screech, flap about, and eat the occasional dead mouse hand-fed to them for a snack. My son is into that sort of thing, and gets along well with the raptor people (and the raptors). Me? I'll be in the next room reading a book until it is over. *Shudder*. Believe me, I'm not even all that happy with a fake bird on my head. I do get to sit in a beautiful sunny room (and out on the deck weather permitting) and read largely undisturbed for an hour or so, which is something I wouldn't otherwise get to do, so it isn't an awful way to spend a morning, but yeah, I could really do without the screeching. *Shudder*

Have a lovely weekend.


Connie said...

My son was into raptors, too. Still is. Now I'm kinda into raptors. I've almost crashed my car a few times looking at hawks. Your hair is far too tidy to attract birds.

Goody said...

You are a better mother than I. I know it could be worse (he could be into sports)and I should show more interest but...ugh.

Danny is hoping to build a career around his birding/zoology hobby-and that's possible given his circle of friends. I don't want to discourage him, but ugh, I hate being in a room with them (birds and raptors, not the naturalists).

We lived on a farm all of Danny's life until moving to the city last summer. There was one year where I know he messed-up some poor owl's chances of finding a mate by doing calls back and forth with it. Poor owl probably still wonders what it was he did wrong!

The great outdoors is best appreciated by flipping through the pages of National Geographic, as far as I'm concerned.

Sue said...

I am still in shock that you clean the house twice a week! I am a sloth!

Goody said...


Allergies. Believe me, I wouldn't be doing it otherwise.