Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dried Figs are Better Than No Figs

Fresh figs are impossible to get here. This is the case with most seasonable, highly perishable produce (can't get Seville oranges either). We do get dried figs from California, but they are always a bit disappointing, and often old. The better stores stock the dried figs on a string from Greece, but they are typically around $9.00 USD.

I love figs, to the point of obsessiveness. Most foods I can take-or leave, but figs are without argument, my very favourite food of all.

Last weekend, Mr. ETB spotted the packages of Greek figs. They were pliable through the package which is always a good sign. He insisted on buying me a packet-then he bought another. For the sake of politeness, I refused them a couple times just so it would be clear I had a decent upbringing, and know the proper etiquette. After a suitable amount of, "Oh no, really I couldn't" I clutched the packets of figs in my hands and made for the check-out.

Fortunately, neither of the boys like figs, so I'm less tempted to use them for anything other than shoving into my fat face. Being dried fruit, I know better than to overindulge (apricots are worse) so I'm rationing them two per day to be enjoyed after dinner. I am really enjoying them.

I have an appointment for teeth cleaning in a couple weeks. Am I a bad person for thinking I should eat as many as I can the morning of the appointment just so I can get my money's worth from the cleaning?* Those tiny seeds are difficult to dislodge you know...

A while back I saw a jam with figs and cocoa at the grocer. It was interesting looking, but absurdly expensive. I never thought of using figs with cocoa before-I wonder if I could concoct a similar chocolate/fig spread from the dried fruit? Who am I kidding? The fruit will never last long enough to cook with.

* Oh come on, you know I wouldn't actually do that.

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