Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Guess This Means I Can Call Them My, "Famous" Caramels

My caramels are in the Omaha World Herald today.

It is satisfying to see that a professional photographer couldn't make them look any better in a photo than I can. Food photography is a difficult genre for all but the real devotees. I don't look any better than the caramels, but that's just my big, fat face. I should really do something about my eyebrows though. *Shrug*. They actually spelled my name correctly.

Danny was lucky enough to get a tour of the newsroom (thank you notes are en-route) though he's kind of bummed that reporters can't smoke and drink in the office anymore. The police scanners were a source of fascination as well.

OK, my caramels had their 15 minutes. I've got laundry to do, and toilets to scrub.


Raymond said...

You mention a photo of you, but at the article I saw only a pic of caramels, not you. Does one see a pic of you if one is a logged-in subscriber over there?

Goody said...

If you have any filtering software running you have to un-block it first. Then, it will say in a small box by the photo, "more photos'. That's where they hid my big, fat, face. I weigh 118 lbs. My head should not look that big.

Unfortunately, it was plainly visible in the print edition. Ugh.