Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Hate the New Blogger Interface

It does not work with my browser, I do not wish to use Chrome, and I expect even if I download Firefox, I'll still have trouble. If I disappear for a while, it probably means I can't log-in. This would be a perfect time to go get a domain or something, but I really don't want all the bother that goes with it. Maybe after eight years of cookery blogging, I've made, said, and photographed all I need to (and plenty I didn't need to).


Raymond said...

Noooo!! You don't use Firefox yet? Good heavens. You can add in all sorts of extras - it's like an a la carte browser - like AdBlock which eliminates ~99% of ads from webpages. I freakin love it. (When I go back to IE, I'm horrified at what websites look like, as designed, with so many ads).

Websites are cheap, and most these days offer free templates. Some domain name registrars also offer free webspace and blog templates. Plus, there are a zillion free blog templates out there now, for use anywhere.

Goody said...

I use Sea Monkey because it runs best with the version of Linux I have. I've used Firefox, but it needs a ton of customising just to work with my computer.Newer versions probably work fine, so maybe I need to go download one instead of griping about it, eh?

The free blogs are great until they go away, like Blogsome did. I had to rush to copy my old blog and download it knowing I'll never do anything with it anyway. I don't trust myself to remember to pay for a domain on time and then have the name ransomed back to me, etc.

I think the answer is to use Mr. ETB's computer as he's still using Windows and Explorer, which would mean scooting over exactly two feet at the long table, but still, I resent it.

Raymond said...

My webspace and domain name registrations renew automatically. So no lapsing and letting it get away from me. www.site5.com for my web host; they also register names, but I use enom.com... or rather, for individuals I think they have a sub-service called bulkregister.com; that's who always sends me emails.

Goody said...

I'll have to check that out-sounds perfect for the absent minded like myself.