Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lime Tree, Garden Update

Mr. ETB bought me a lime tree today. It is a dwarf variety that will bear fruit, but is used mainly for the leaves in curries. Obviously, it will need to be brought indoors over cold seasons, but we've had pretty decent success with the bay laurel in a similar situation. I'm rather excited about this-I make quite a bit of curry.

Also purchased, a lovely rosemary bush (bagworms got the old one, and they are a nuisance to start from seed), and some petunias Danny selected for the containers at the front of the house.

We are currently harvesting:

Pea shoots
Mesclun mix lettuce (went to seed, and overwintered in containers-a fun surprise)
Beet greens
Turnip Greens
Nasturtiums (indoors)

Tulips-"Darwin" a beautiful reddish orange flower with yellow at the base. I planted eight bulbs last year, and we've had great luck with them as cut flowers (they've lasted over a week on my dining room table). Danny selected them (for the name, primarily) and I can't wait to get my hands on more this Fall. Sometimes I get carried away with flowers I really like.

Recently Planted:

Assorted lettuces
Baby Romaine
Nasturtiums (outdoors)
Parsley (flat)

Next Up:

Pole Beans

The Spring Affair is at the end of the month in Lincoln-that is a dangerous plant sale for me. I have very little will power in the face of some wonderful, exotic plant at a reasonable price. I've had good luck with everything I've bought there (well, the oregano died, but I did rather neglect it) and sadly, that just encourages me to spend more money.

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