Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deep in the Bowels of Your Colon (Nebraska)

By the title, you can probably guess where I went today.

It wasn't all that deep in the bowels as there are only four streets, and they're kind of short. There's a bar (there's always a bar), a bank, and a church (there's always a church). It was only a few miles from Lake Wanahoo, which we'd been curious to see, to we had ourselves a bit of an adventure.

We also visited the Saunders County Museum, the Wahoo library, the Ceresco Library, and the farm store where I bought Mr. ETB some excellent braces in brown and beige stripes. He's gonna love those. And socks, because his socks seem to disappear. Me? I've had the same socks for fifteen years, but his keep vanishing. Strange, eh? I also caved, and bought tulip and daffodil bulbs (I said I wasn't planting any more-well so much for that insistence). My child is dangerous around the farm store-he'll plant anything.

As much fun as that was, the best part of the day was stopping by the brand new playground in Ceresco. It still has that, "new playground smell" which is mostly recycled tyres and moulded plastic. Danny met another child his age also named Danny, who lives on a farm outside town. They both like green beans (the funny stuff these kids talk about today) and swings, even if the swings were kinda low (they need to fix that). I like having my pick of a few playgrounds in the area (Wahoo and Ashland also have nice playgrounds if you live in the area).

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