Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Weekend in Concord...


Sixteen half pints of jelly, a quart of juice, fruit leather, dehydrated into raisins, and tomorrow, the last quart and a half of grapes will become the annual harvest grape pie. I am So. Bloody. Tired.

But we'll have grape jelly to last through the year. I hope. Grape tends to go quickly.

Oh yeah, I also bought a ton of fresh figs, but I ate most of them. God, I love figs. Fresh ones are a rarity around here. I did manage to dry a few, but they won't last.

I still can't get things to work well at Blogger, and I'm loathe to download a new browser as I'll have to install a new version of Linux to get it to work. *shrug*. Maybe I've cooked-blogged-said all I needed to.

Go grab some grapes before the (short) season is over.

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Janice said...

Well, I hope you find a solution for your blogger issues. I'm looking forward to seeing that Monopoly quilt!