Thursday, September 06, 2012

Squirrel Brains

OK fine, they're not-but look at 'em. I guess they'd have to be pretty big squirrels...anyhoo, these are prune plums that have been packed in a coarse salt for two weeks. Today, I rinsed them, patted them dry, and then they will go in the dehydrator until they look like turds. Squirrel turds. That's how you make salted plums. Testicles, maybe...if a guy was really sick.

I would love to float a few of these in a jar of fat and post it as, "confit of squirrel brains" because some foodie douchebag would think me serious.


Unknown said...

where do you eat them?

Goody said...

As a seasoning in cooking, or in a pitcher of lemonade. You can't eat them straight-they would be too salty.