Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jumpsuit Week-Day Three Double Header

Day Three

 Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get crazier, I'm back with this 100% silk Liz Claiborne jumpsuit from the 80's. I removed the shoulder pads because they were about five inches thick.
 It was a windy day and I felt a bit like I was wearing a parachute.

 I also own a similar Liz Claiborne silk jumpsuit in purple. This photo is a few years old. I must have been going for a pirate look.
Ahoy mateys, which one of you wants to be first to walk the plank?
Outfit Particulars:

Blue 1980's Claiborne jumpsuit-Goodwill
Belt-Came with a dress
Sunnies-swiped them from Danny
Fragrance-Lutens Ambre Sultan

Purple 1980's Claiborne jumpsuit-Goodwill
Faux fur coat-Goodwill
Vintage Coro necklace-Goodwill
Sash-had it for years

What will tomorrow hold? I See something loud and polyester...

Today's Cocktail: The Scarlett O'Hara
1 jigger bourbon
Juice of 1/4 fresh lime
1 jigger cranberry juice
Shake with cracked ice, strain into glass. 


Vix said...

Cocktails and jumpsuits, my week just got even better!
If I chopped your head off I could be looking at my Mum circa 1983. Fabularse! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

OMG. Silk + 80s Claiborne + jumpsuits = happiness!!!

I'm now on a quest to find vintage, silk jumpsuits.

Happy thrifting ;)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Two for the price of one? Yes!!!!!!!!

I love the blue on particularly and the fur coat is gorgeous - its the one thing I'm always looking out for in the charity shops and so far its eluded me but one day...

That cocktail sounds delish. I might just go and get some cranberry juice - I've already got the bourbon and ice and lime!

Tomorrow's jumpsuit sounds interesting...


Polyester Princess said...

You're looking fabulous in that blue 1980s jumpsuit, but I guess the shoulder pads would have been too much. I remember there was a time most of my clothes had shoulder pads and they sold loose shoulder pads which you'd put under your bra straps. Those were the days! Or not ... xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Danny's sunnies look a bit Ozzy.
It's mid November & you have trees with leaves in the Midwest?
Love those Liz Claiborne jumpsuits! Too bad Liz has gone to nothing but boring career wear nowadays.
My mom really hated those pleats which where so popular in the 80's for some reason.

Beth Waltz said...

Meep. Me and jumpsuits don't work well together -- in the loo, to be specific. (The cats fall off the side of the tub, giggling.) Catching up on the parade, however, I'm voting for the beige and wite polyester because it's a perfect specimen of its kind. And it still has its belt!

Many thanks for the cocktail recipe. Please allow me to use it as my contribution to the annual workplace turkey day "pitch in." (We pitch recipes rather than food. Better for the budget and the figger, and so much easier to clean up when everybody wants to leave early.)

Goody said...

I'm certain your Mum had great style (like her daughter).

@Thrifty Parka-They should be easy enough to find as no one seems to want them

The best faux furs are made in Britain-this one is a Tissavel. Hopefully you'll find one before winter.

I remember those too, but I never wore them much. At 5'2 I'd look absurd with wide shoulders.

Pleats are the devil-I agree with your mother. I was so happy when flat-front trousers came back in style.

I like the idea of pitching recipes!
I enjoy the holidays much more now that I don't have anyone inviting themselves over and then behaving boorishly.

Mim said...

Oooh, that shade of blue really suits you.

(Don't let Vix chop your head off. What a suggestion!)