Monday, November 21, 2016

The Nine Of Cups-Vintage Perfume Shop on Etsy

If you spend any time around this blog, it won't come as a surprise that fragrance is an important part of my life. Online shopping has made it easier to get my hands on long sought-after perfumes, but not every transaction has been what I'd hoped for. When a seller does stand out from the crowd, and supplies items that are exactly as described at outstanding prices, I become a loyal customer. I've been purchasing vintage fragrances for a couple of years now from Emily at TheNineOfCups on Etsy, and I have been so very happy with every aspect of the transactions.

 I am not compensated by Nine Of Cups. I am simply so pleased with the experience of purchasing fragrances from Emily that I wanted to introduce her to my readers. I approached Emily to ask if I could review her shop.

You won't see this one all over the Internet.
Emily knows her fragrances, a fact that is apparent after a quick glance through a few of her listings. Anyone can buy a bunch of old perfumes at an estate sale and sell them online-a seller who knows the difference between a turned fragrance, or one that has simply lost a few of the top notes is the person I prefer to do business with.

I asked Emily what sparked her interest in fragrance and was fascinated to hear it was the reformulation of Chantilly by Houbigant, and how it just didn't smell the same as it did when she began wearing it. I know more than a few readers are nodding in agreement having experienced similar issues with their lifelong favourites. I was struck by Emily's comment that she can appreciate a perfume even if it isn't something she wants to wear. That, to me is the mark of someone that has spent a great deal of time thinking about fragrance, and appreciating all the artistry that goes into creating a composition. For my part, I'm probably a bit hasty in my dismissals of scents I don't care for, and wish I could at least attempt to understand the work that went into the finished product.

Hard-to-find Patou
A look around Nine of Cups is like taking a tour through the very best parts of Twentieth Century perfumery. Guerlain, Caron, Patou, Dior, Chanel-they're all represented, and often in sample sized bottles that save the collector from the albatross that a full bottle of rarely used perfume can be. Decants are nice, but sometimes you want a bit more, and having the original bottle and packaging can add to the overall enjoyment. Who would want a bottle of Hypnotique without the "Sophisticat?" You know you want the Sophisticat.

Having a perfume dealer who understands fragrance and your tastes is a relationship worth maintaining (My husband can't figure out my taste in perfume, but Emily can.) As someone who likes to think she's "Smelled it all" it is wonderful to be introduced to something I wouldn't have discovered on my own. No recommendation engine will ever be as accurate as someone that knows you, and has an extensive knowledge of , and genuine interest in perfume. Emily admits to spending literally hundreds of hours reading about and researching perfume, something I can relate to. I suppose any perfume lover can-you want to know, smell, and possess it all! In the process, there's a lot of good, solid knowledge to be gained. Emily's research is conveyed in the way she speaks about fragrances. Expert knowledge stands out when it comes to selling online.
A beautiful fragrance with the original box.

I've been searching for the right word to describe the care Emily puts into wrapping and shipping out purchases and I keep coming back to respect. Respect for the item by presenting it in the best possible condition (I have bought perfume from other dealers where the box was filled with dust, animal dander and grimy bottles), wrapping it thoughtfully to try and prevent leakage, and shipping it out quickly-often the day the purchase was made. Last year, I received an order on Christmas Eve-the busiest time of the year. I didn't expect it, but I certainly appreciated it-who wouldn't want to wear new perfume Christmas morning? Respect for the items, respect for the customer-it is like falling into an alternate universe where people still care about building relationships with their customers. I spend a good deal of time on my blog complaining about the awfulness of most consumer activities. I don't like having my produce I spent time selecting crushed beneath tins of beans. I get impatient with medical offices that ask a million questions, but can't answer any. I spend a good deal of time feeling like I'm too old and cranky to interact with people, and wish I could just point and grunt to avoid conversation. Most consumer purchases are chores, but shopping for perfume from Nine of Cups is a delightful exception. No, I don't need fragrances but if I'm going to purchase them anyway, why not do it from someone I wouldn't mind having as a neighbour? Anyone that likes Perfume, and B movies is the sort of company I wouldn't mind keeping.
The perfect size to try something unfamilar.

After leaving the corporate world, Emily began selling on Etsy and eBay allowing her to do something she loves-and  it shows. I've always felt people who sell antiques, vintage clothing, perfume, etc. are so lucky because the work they do brings so much happiness and enjoyment to their customers. How many people get to say that about their work?

Unfortunately, shipping is to the United States only. My experience with Emily has been excellent as far as shipping costs go, unlike some dealers that will inflate the shipping costs. That won't happen to you purchasing from Nine of Cups. Is there anything more annoying than buying a five dollar item, then finding the shipping is fifteen dollars? If you look at the reviews on Nine of Cups you'll see hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers, several of whom are return customers. You'll see me there as well.

With the holidays coming (sorry, they are) The Nine of Cups might be just the sort of vintage perfume shop you need to fill the stocking of the perfume lover in your life (or your own). You'd better hurry though, great fragrances move quickly.

Thanks, Emily for all the great fragrances, customer service, and conversations.


Beth Waltz said...

What an impressive recommendation! Yes, Goody, one does want the Sophisticat because fragrance is so often an aide de memoire -- and I won't channel Baudelaire or Proust, but you know what I mean. Shall look forward to inspecting Nine of Cups offerings and meeting another lady who likes B movies.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh my. I just took a look at her Etsy shop. This is going to be dangerous the next time I go to the US!

Vix said...

I'm not a lover of perfume on me but I recognise Patou as something my Mum wore regularly. x

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Such a shame she doesn't ship to the UK...

Aquamarine - I remember that!

Hope said...

Just like men, perfume is never perfect right away; you have to let it seduce you.
Jean Patou

My favorite is Joy.

What a great assortments of perfumes.

Mim said...

I would so order from her if I could get the stuff into the UK. There are so many things there I'd love!