Friday, September 14, 2007

Birdie Birdie In The Sky...

-well, you know the rest. As I type, my son is in bed where he ought to be napping, but is instead chanting the familiar children's rhyme. Except that every once in a while he yells out,
"Why did you poop in my eye dirty birdie?" which I'm guessing he learned from his Pop. This post has nothing to do with cooking, so feel free to skip if you're not interested in Danny stories.

It was a very warm summer, and most days I let Danny run about in a t-shirt and underwear (toilet training is so much simpler in summertime). It was really startling to see him today, fully dressed in corduroy shorts, a turtleneck, argyle knit vest and shiny new black shoes. He looked so terribly grown-up, though he won't be but three in December.

Being tall for his age, Danny can climb in and out from the car seat alone these days, letting me know quite matter-of-factly that he "Doesn't need mama." Ouch.

This morning, I discovered the first of the field mice that always seem to find their way to the farmhouse once the corn starts coming down. I told Danny we'd buy some traps at the grocer today.

Anyone remember those little boxes of animal crackers that came with a string to carry them by? They had them for .25 cents, so I bought a box for my little guy. He'd had them before, but was too young to remember and this time it was as though I'd handed him a box of gold. He clutched the box all the way home and I watched him run up the path to the house swinging his new treasure. We quickly washed hands, took off shoes and tore into the crackers.

Now call me a traditionalist, but when I buy a package of Circus Crackers, I sort of expect circus animals, not rhinos, llamas, and cats. What sort of circus is that? Danny ate a few crackers before deciding that he'd really rather have lunch and just play with them.

I was cleaning-up the lunch dishes when I heard my little boy standing by the washing machine, whispering in what sounded somewhat urgent.

"Great", I thought, "He already has an imaginary friend that I'm going to have to indulge with setting extra places at the table and everything else for. I thought I had a couple years before this started."

I was obviously wrong, as I listened more closely to hear;

"Mama bought traps, you have to go outside."


Page D. said...

This story is very cute!
The links to your archive recipes don't work. When I click on them, I get "page not found".

I hope they aren't lost for good. I ran across your blog one day, if you change or create anew, how will I find it again?

Goody said...

There's a funny story about those links-When I was doing the HTML I checked the first couple and they were fine so I proceeded to do the rest. The problem with HTML is that one wrong comma or bracket will mess EVERYTHING up. I guess doing HTML late at night after a couple Benadryl for hives isn't the best way to work ;)

At the top of the blog is a "Search Blog" bar that you can type the title of the recipe into, and it should locate the page pretty quickly. I keep meaning to re-do those links, but maybe it would be better to just move them until I can fix it.

I'm not planning on moving the blog, but if I do, I'll post a new web address. Unless the government shuts me down for contributing to the national obesity epidemic, the blog ought to remain readable.

I really am frustrated with the photos though. I have a Kodak camera-major brand right? How can they not support Linux? I'm sure there are applications, but gosh is it time consuming reading geek boards looking for answers.

You should see the chaos at my non-cooking blog. is a really reliable place to host a blog, but man, is it ever "do it yourself." Would you believe there isn't a working spell-check and that I had to (horror of horrors) resort to using a dictionary!

Page D. said...

what is the url of your non-cooking blog?

Goody said...

It may not be your "cup of tea" as the saying goes, but if you're not put off by generous use of sarcasm and profanity, you may appreciate it.