Monday, September 24, 2007

I Nearly Resorted To A Hammer

Though had it been more conveienent to stick the pumpkins in a vise and go at it with a saw, I'd have done it.
From the small size of these pumpkins you wouldn't imagine they'd be so difficult to get apart. They were. The knife pictured at the top of the photo is one I call "The Pumpkin Buster" and for good reason. Normally, it glides right through difficult squashes and pumpkins. I couldn't make a dent. As the blade is wide and sharp, but rather thin I was afraid of breaking it, so I resorted to another knife.
The knife below it is a very old model by Sabatier that they likely no longer manufacture. It is very old, and has seen almost constant use for close to twenty years now. It is heavier than the Shun, so I gave it a try and though it took considerable effort (and upper body strength) I managed to get enough of a cut in them to pry them apart with my hands.
It was worth the trouble though-these pumpkins are very fresh. As you can see, I have them in a roasting pan with a bit of water and some rosemary. Later this evening the pulp will be mixed with roasted garlic paste and other assorted savouries to be fried in fritters. Photos later tonight.
Can you smell it yet?

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