Friday, September 28, 2007

Um, Go Big Red

Or something like that. It seemed like such a good idea-until I ruined a beautiful cake with red decorator's frosting that was too bright.
I deliberately went light with the caramel on the apples so that the beautiful colour would come through (and the apples would be less cloying) but I really should have left well enough alone and decorated in white. Oh well, that's why I always say to do a trial run (this is the trial run for a birthday cake next week) the first time you attempt something.
The cake itself is chocolate, which I thought would go well with caramel. It should look attractive once it is cut. I think next week I'll do a bit of cocoa in the frosting to get it light brown and do the decorator's icing in white-that would be more striking...I think. I do wish I could find smaller apples.
Thoughts about this cake? Suggestions? Go on, be brutally honest.

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