Saturday, September 22, 2007

To Market, To Market To Buy A...Package of Mouse Traps

I need to do a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow, so I thought I'd share my list.

heavy cream
plain yoghurt
sour cream
dish detergent
dog food
bread flour
all purpose flour
whole wheat flour
(How could I run out of all three at once?)
Steel wool
mouse traps
(WTF? was with those last three?)
dried pinto beans
brown rice

Because you know mouse traps are a must (Our neighbour "Farmer Palindrome", is harvesting and the field mice run straight to our house). After six years it only occurred to me yesterday that "Farmer Neighbour's" name was a palindrome, hereafter to be so called.

I don't actually need lolipops, but I like them. Oh, you thought they were for the kid? Nah. He gets them as special treats, but I eat them one after the other as I type away here each evening.

I have no clue how I managed to run out of so many staples at once (flours, rice, beans) but it does make things simpler when I can purchase them at the same time.

I made about a bucket (a shisselful) of black bean soup for dinner tonight which means I'm relieved of cooking tomorrow. That's my preferred approach on marketing day as I am usually too wiped-out to come home and cook afterward.

So, what's the weirdest thing on your shopping list this week?


Page D. said...

I missed the meaning of "Farmer Neighbour" Being a palidrome. Is his name REMRAF? That seems unlikely. OTTO and BOB, now that makes sense.

Checked your other site. Spent some time reading the posts. Police stories are frightening and true.

Goody said...

His name is an actual palindrome. For years I've just been calling him "Farmer Neighbour" on the blog, but now I think I have to call him "Farmer Palindrome."

Page D. said...

OK, Farmer BOB sounds good.

Garfield the Cat's favorite palindrome:
Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog

No I didn't come up with that..... just remembered it because it's funny and appropriate for Garfield.

I must be bored.