Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Inner Neanderthal

Guess what I did today? I'll bet you can't.

You see, on a whim this morning I decided to try on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in some years (about four) and lo and behold, they went over my hips and zippered-up. I know what you're thinking, in light of the whole Britney Spears episode where being able to wear something doesn't necessarily mean one ought to-but no, really, they weren't tight at all.

This is where my inner Neanderthal starts thinking, "Well yeah, but it could be a long time until the next bison kill and with winter just around the corner, I'd better replenish the fat stores", or something like that-so I dragged the family to Dairy Queen.

When I was a youngster Dairy Queen was something really special as they weren't open year round. By Labor day most of the stores were shuttered, and it was always great fun lining up in line for the first butterscotch sundae of the year (I adore butterscotch sundaes). Of course, my inner Neanderthal doesn't eat much ice cream anymore, particularly on the day of the week when she has to ingest her large dose of arthritis medication (puke city, really). My inner Neanderthal prefers onion rings.

Of course, I'd packed Danny's lunch figuring he'd eat later in the afternoon but it was about mealtime when we arrived at our pilgrimage destination (a few miles outside of Valley, Nebraska) so we brought in the rice and beans, sweet potato and cottage cheese I foolishly thought I'd get him to eat whilst staring at a paper tray of fried food. Then my husband really went out on a limb, and ordered a hamburger.

I should describe the place because it truly is a marvel-quite clean and new looking. We must have timed it perfectly as we were the only customers and the food had just come out of the fryer. If fast food were always that delicious I reckon I'd avail myself of it more often than once or twice a year.

Danny hasn't had much experience with fast food but he didn't need much help figuring out the whole "dunk the french fry in ketchup and bite it" procedure. It was funny, in a disturbing way I guess, that his first bite elicited a really loud;
Great, well Monday morning he's back to beets and spinach but at least he got to eat good french fries.

I'm such a food snob sometimes that I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat food that's handed to you through a window, and I still don't think what we were served was representitive of fast food dining, but it really was pretty good. Besides, I had to eat it-my old pants were fitting again.

* We also availed ourselves of the Back to School sale at Dick Blick Art Supplies. I can't wait until my little one gets up from his nap because I bought him a scratch pad and stylus (the black coated paper you scratch away with a toothpick to reveal colours underneath) and I just know he's going to love it.

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