Monday, February 06, 2012

The Malt Loaf Experiment

This is the third version of malt loaf I've made in the past two weeks. This one has white self-rising flour and an extra bit of baking powder. Danny likes it, but I think I prefer the wholemeal version. I also added apricots and figs which isn't typical of any malt loaf I ever met.

As the loaves need to mature for a few days, I'm stuck waiting between loaves wondering if I've hit upon the magical taste of a Soreen without the softness. I rather think a malt loaf ought to be sturdy. This one did have that lovely sticky top that when toasted sticks to your teeth a bit as you bite. That's good. Danny's been having toasted malt loaf (in different versions) with butter, half an apple, a cup of tea, and a glass of milk for breakfast practically every day. I'm not concerned that any of these malt loaves will go to waste. Anyway, sooner or later I will strike gold (I will!) and I'll post the recipe. Until then, this seems to be the kiddo's favourite thus far.

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